How To Buy Dimmable LED Bulbs

Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are the next stage in energy-saving light technology, offering years of service with greatly reduced electrical consumption while maintaining the same level of brightness as compared to incandescent bulbs and even fluorescent lamps. If you wish to retain the dimmable property of your lights, some LED bulbs offer dimmable qualities.

Here are tips for buying dimmable LED bulbs:

  • Understand the basics of LED technology. Current LED bulbs are not really meant for dimming, and fitting them on a dimmer socket will only create a small dimming effect. If you can tolerate slight dimming from your LED bulb, then stick with this method.
  • Investigate the LED bulbs from Earth LED. Earth LED is a leading developer of commercial LED technology and has released bulbs with dimmable properties. They carry a range of bulbs of different brightness levels, sizes and types to fit your needs. While these bulbs are expensive and may not provide the dimmable range or maximum brightness you need, it may still be sufficient for your requirements. You may also try other LED developers to see if they now stock dimmable LED bulbs with multiple preset brightness levels.
  • Buy the proper base type. Check the socket of your dimmable lamp and see whether it’s screw-based or plug-in. You will also need to check the diameter. Buy the LED bulb that corresponds to the type and size of the socket. If there are no LED bulbs available that will fit in the socket, you may need to buy an adaptor. You should also see if the bulb will fit inside pre-existing lampshades.
  • Check the brightness quality. Some websites will provide a comparative table between the brightness of standard incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. However, the best test is still an actual demonstration of the bulb in your residence or office. Ask the supplier if they will allow you to return the bulb if you find it unsatisfactory.
  • Replace your dimmer switch to work with the LED bulb. Standard dimmer switches require a large wattage to work, which contrasts with the low wattage of LED bulbs. You may need to install a low voltage dimmer switch to allow the dimmable LED bulb to function properly.
  • Consider installing multiple LED bulbs. Instead of one LED bulb with dimmable properties, why not install a lot of LED bulbs with their own switches? If you want a dim room, simply switch off the appropriate number of bulbs. You may hire an electrician to affix a chandelier-type lamp with independent switches on each bulb, as well. Finally, simply install incandescent bulbs on your dimmer lamps and use LED bulbs for the rest of your light sockets. Be sure not to abuse the LEDs you use by using too much power, or you may end up with an electrical fire.

As LED technology improves in the coming years, expect to see cheaper, more durable and more energy-efficient variants in the near future. While the choices of dimmable LED bulbs are limited at present, you can see more options within the next eighteen months.


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