How To Buy Electrical Fixtures

When decorating your home, choose electrical fixtures that are both functional and decorative. Aside from cabinets and shelves, electrical fixtures such as lighting fixtures, switches, ceiling and wall fans can add life to your home.

When you are buying electrical fixtures, follow these tips:

  1. Go around your home and inspect each room. Decide which areas need more lighting or ventilation. You may consider placing lighting fixtures or ceiling fans in these areas. Check your counter tops and observe whether it has enough lighting. If you have overhead cabinets, check if there is a need for additional lighting under the cabinets. Look at corners and see whether you need to add a spot light. Look at table tops and shelves and decide whether a lamp is needed in those areas.
  2. Check if there is an electrical outlet in the areas you have identified, and if there are no sockets available in the areas, determine how you will install an outlet in the area. It is best to place new outlets rather than using extension wires.
  3. Ask an electrician to check if it is still possible to install new sockets in an area by using the existing electrical wiring that you have and the breaker can handle the additional load, or whether there is a need to add a connection in the main switch.
  4. If you are placing a chandelier or a ceiling fan, have the electrician check where the nearest electrical source is before having one installed.
  5. List down all the fixtures that you need, including descriptions such as light bulb color (if yellow light is preferable over white light), the size of the fixture and the length of electrical wire needed to install it.
  6. You also need to list down the estimate load or amp of each electrical fixture you will be adding. You can refer to existing electrical fixtures for the load and amperage (load is the amount of power it consumes, and amp/amperage is the amount of electrical current it takes to power up the electrical fixture)
  7. When all the technical specifications has been settled, then decide on the decorative aspect of the fixture. Decide on the style and design of the lamps and other lighting fixtures. If it’s a study table, you might need a simple study lamp that has a subtle yellow light. If you are installing a ceiling fan, there are ceiling fans that have light bulbs already, so it is like a chandelier with a fan.
  8. Choose the right color of fixture that will blend in the room’s paint and theme.
  9. Look for fixtures in electrical supply stores or home depot. Look for the best price that will suit your budget, but do not settle for poor quality lighting, as it may be a cause of electrical faults that will start a fire.
  10. If you are buying a hard to find electrical fixture, you should already stock on extra light bulbs or switches, in case you need replacements.
  11. Ask the store if they have a return policy, so if in case the fixture is not right for your home, you can return it or have it replaced


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