How To Buy Green Wedding Gifts

Elegance need not be too taxing on your environment. Sophistication can be marked better with a very environment-friendly accent. In this line, wedding gifts can also be environment-friendly. Green gift items are currently on the rise, and with that rise comes the new trend of giving green gifts for couples in wedded bliss. Here are the ways you can ensure that the wedding gifts you give are clean and green:

  1. Eco-friendly label. The more natural a product is, the better it is for the environment. As much as possible, buy only the rawest item you can possible afford. And if you need to consider a little more processed object for your gift item, you can choose to look for the eco-friendly label first so that it will further narrow down your options. Chemicals and too synthetic items are already out of the choices for you. Make sure that the eco-friendly label you see is really an authentic one and not just made for marketing purposes. The ingredients list should attest to it and not contain any harmful chemicals.
  2. Precious stones and jewelry. What can get any more raw and beautiful than precious stones and jewelry, carved out of nature’s garden itself? It is as organic and original as it can get, not to mention ultra-sophisticated for both bride and groom. Some questions of taste and personal preference may come into play, but you will never go beyond green if you buy jewelry.
  3. Seeds, flowers and greens. What else can be greener than actual seeds that can fill the lover's garden? You might be treading on egg shells on this one, since you have to make sure that you are giving gifts to a green bride and groom. But this can actually help them know if they have a green thumb in hiding and awaits to be unleashed with tastefully selected seeds ready for planting and maintaining.
  4. Green wrapping. It is not just enough that you go green with your item. It is also highly recommended that you go green with your wrapping. Organic paper or used magazines that are still colorful can be used. Just make sure to add a little twist that identifies the wrapping as a wedding present. Buying a wrapper just adds to additional paper waste and useless cutting of tree resources.
  5. Wood, cotton and glass. Anniversaries may not exactly be near for the newly-weds, but gifts of wood, cotton and glass can be a foretaste of a long-lasting union that can withstand through the years. The hardwoods are your best bet especially in giving huge items like furniture, and cotton is the most ideal material for helping fill out the couple’s bed sheets. You can explore your options in wood, cotton and glass items when buying the perfect wedding gift for your friends.
  6. Recycled objects and innovations.  Recycled objects and innovations (example, a car that makes use of water as fuel) are also fabulous wedding gift items, but they are quite tricky to present. Make sure that you can pull it off in your manner of presentation so that it will not look cheap.


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