How To Buy Heating Oil Overseas

When winter comes, one of the most valuable commodities in colder regions is heating oil. Unlike gas, heating oil is cheaper and lasts longer. The usual household that runs on heating oil will need at least two to three tanks full of heating oil to last the entire winter, depending on the size of the house and the heating systems installed in the house. For most people, heating oil is purchased overseas, such as in Germany, which produces a large supply of heating oil. Here’s how you can buy your own heating oil.

Assess your needs. Check your tank specifications, including the size of the tank and the full capacity. You will need this to calculate how much oil you will need for your home. Usually, an oil tank can carry anywhere from a thousand liters to a thousand and a half liters. Next, visually assess how much oil you have left. Some heating oil tanks come with calibrations or gauges that will allow you to take accurate measurements of how much oil is left. Deduct this from the total oil capacity of the tank, and you will have the exact number of liters of heating oil that you need.

Bulk buying. You can purchase heating oil individually, but it is best to purchase the oil in bulk, since most oil companies will provide bigger discounts for bulk purchases, which minimizes the delivery and transportation costs for the companies. Pool your friends or neighbors together, and purchase the oil together. Make sure that your neighbors or friends have also carefully assessed just how much oil they need, so that you can send in an accurate oil request.

Paperwork. Next, work on the paperwork for the heating oil. You will need to get the Value Added Tax papers from the local government, which will allow you to purchase the oil without paying for the heating oil taxes from Germany, or whichever country you purchase the tax oil.

Make the appointment. Once the papers are ready, you can call the heating oil company and ask for an appointment and a delivery. You can check the phone book or internet as well, for a list of all the available companies that can deliver heating oil in your area. Once the appointment has been made, the heating oil company will send a delivery truck on the appointed day, which will transfer the heating oil into your tanks.

Discounted oil. For lower income families, you can also purchase discounted heating oil from various charity organizations such as the Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program or the Fuel Fund of Maryland. These organizations accept donations from the web and can purchase bulk oil on their own, which they can resell at a lower price for lower income families. Check the website for these organizations to see whether your area is included in the seventeen states which these organizations cover.

Staying warm during winter can be done when you have a supply of heating oil for your home. Purchase your bulk oil, or get discounted heating oil prices through these steps.


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