How To Buy Ironing Board Covers

Ironing boards are usually made from metal. This helps it stand upright and last for a long time withstanding minor to no physical pressure besides the weight of your arm and the clothes being ironed on it. Some are wooden built boards that help reduce heat. Both however, come with board covers to ease the path of the iron and serve as a flat, smooth base on which to properly and efficiently even out the fold and creases of clothing. It also makes possible the use of a steam press and heavy pressing as the shirt has a padded support underneath. They usually come in colorful and exciting designs that make pressing your clothes seem so much more interesting.

  1. Amazon sells plain to patterned ironing board covers. Products come in singular purchase or per pack. Price range is from $8 to $38. They come in different brands prominently Brabantia; and items can be brand new or slightly used.
  2. Target sells ironing board covers for $19.99. Target is offering an ironing board cover that has the ability to recycle heat released and concentrate it on the garment being ironed. Custom-tailored to fit your board cover in perfect form. It comes with a damp sponge to help you with the more difficult kinds of threads. This is a quality product from Bo-Nash.
  3. Ezyiron is proud to present the reversible ironing board cover that makes use of tontine fibers to mirror reflected heat released back to the iron surface and onto the garment. It comes in 19 vibrant colors and a tailored fit. They pledge a twice the normal lifetime guarantee and a 12-month warranty.
  4. Ironingboardcovers actually custom-make the design and size for your ironing board cover. It's like having your own clothes sewn for a perfect fit. You may choose from the available design patterns or you can provide your own for maximum personalization. Standard pricing is £10 following the basic design template.
  5. NextTag showcases over 60 fun and brilliant ironing board cover designs. Prices range from $7 to $95 for the differences in material, length and fabric durability. You can shop by brand, price range, by category or find the direct seller of the item. The most popular brands come from Whitney Designs, Homz, Polder and Rowentia.

Early ironing board covers were made with asbestos for its extreme heat-resistant property. However, this substance can cause harsh illnesses when released in the air and inhaled. Since it can also stick to the cloth, throw the shirt instantly to the pile of laundry or have it washed by someone else so there's no need to contaminate your machine. Clothing cleaners will be more than happy to do the job for you. Ironing board covers however, are not usually in need of cleaning, so take precautions. Be mindful of the materials an ironing board cover contains before buying it; replace your old board covers when they have excessive cuts, tears, or when they start to flake due to over exposure to heat from the garment steamer and extremely hot iron surfaces.


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