How To Buy Japanese Style Bedding

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Japanese style bedding is very popular among Western cultures because of its charming and soothing tones. It's borne out of tradition and culture, and yet it seems so very modern. The Japanese bedroom design idea is one so admired for centuries. Only, some of its basic design concepts may have been updated to appear more contemporary and in tune with today's trends.

It is very easy to mimic Japanese style bedding into your own homes. Fortunately, a lot of its design elements are very accessible and available in the market. Although the theme is very traditional, it is also versatile and can work for many types of home. As this is the case, many bedding stores do offer Japanese style bedding in their outlets because they recognize its popularity. You shouldn't have a difficult time looking for this at stores then. This guide below will show you how you can adapt the style:

  1. What's most basic about Japanese bedding is the tatami mat that is made of rice straws. The more modern designs of today, however, come in other materials, such as plastic fibers. Unlike a regular mattress, this mat is thinner and flat or straight. If you really want an authentic Japanese style bedding, you can go with the tatami mat. It would take some time getting used to and becoming comfortable but sleeping on the mat may be good for those who are not side sleepers and those who would like a firm sleep surface than a soft one. Tatami mats, while a lot cheaper, may not be easier to maintain than a regular mattress. You can easily roll these up when not in use and store it in the closet. But because of the material that it is made from, it may be very convenient for insects to infest and thus, may require treatment and regular airing out.
  2. If you would prefer something softer and thicker, go with a futon mattress instead of the tatami mat. The futon mattress is more ideal for contemporary bedding. It is not as thick or heavy as regular box spring mattresses, but it is has more cushion than a tatami mat. The futon mattress can be plopped straight to the floor, just as it is in the traditional Japanese way. But some individuals may prefer a little elevation for it. If this is the case, then you could get a basic platform bed structure for this. The bedding store normally has several options for platform beds. Japanese style bedding does away with clutter and is very minimalist, so choose a platform bed that doesn't have too many crafty details.
  3. As mentioned, Japanese style is minimalist. It works well with the "less is more" design idea. So, for choices on bed sets, comforters, pillow cases and the like, you must only go with basic, solid and earthy colors like white, ecru, beige, black and gray. If you prefer a little design or print on your bedding take note to choose along those color tones. The prints must not also be busy, overpowering or colorful. A most basic color combination for a Japanese inspired bedroom is a white, black and red combo.


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