How To Buy Kitchen Vacuum Sealer Parts and Bags

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Kitchen vacuum sealers, also known as food sealers, are used for food storage in order extend the shelf life of food. This would make for a more economical home, as food waste would be highly reduced, and you could buy in bulk and enjoy reduced wholesale prices because you could confidently store even perishable food. Another plus to vacuum sealers is that you could have an easier time storing the food items inside the refrigerator, as an airtight food container would take up much less space than, say, food items inside plastic containers.

Vacuum sealers work by effectively removing air (air speeds up food deterioration) from the food container (in this case food vacuum bags). This will help the food stay fresh much longer than any other mode of food preservation. Vacuum sealers are best used on food items such as meat, vegetables, nuts, produce and cheese.

If you’re interested in having your own vacuum packaging device for your kitchen, here are some online sites you could check out:

  • At Target, you’d find the Seal-A-Meal Vacuum sealer (at $59.99), the VacMaster Pro90 and Pro130 Food Sealers (the former at $99.99 and the latter at $179.99). Take advantage of their free shipping promo for items over $50.
  • At this website, you could choose different categories of sealers such as home sealers, small sealers, chamber sealers and tray sealers. The main difference among these different types of sealers would be their sizes: home sealers and small sealers, as their name implies, are best for home kitchens, while chamber sealers are great for commercial food establishments for portion control and effective food storage. Be guided also by the short descriptions of how the machine works and what they are best used for.
Apart from the actual vacuum sealing machines, you could also purchase other related items such as food vacuum bags (at $9.99 for 22 medium-sized bags), vacuum canisters (sets going for $15.99 to $20.99), and vacuum rolls (available at 8 inch, 11 inch and 15x50 inch sizes)
  • Nextag is always a very popular choice for an online trading site, as you can easily narrow down your selections by brand, price, and by seller. Some of the available kitchen sealers brands here include Tilia sealers, Rival, Deni, and Oliso.

If you have a particular brand of kitchen appliance that you believe has always worked for you, then an option you could try would be to look for its official  website and find if they are offering kitchen food sealers. Not only would most kitchen appliance brands offer the actual food sealing machine, it would also offer the bags, rolls and parts as well. Some websites to try out include, (though Impulse sealers are more for industrial and professional applications), and

Apart from these online trading sites, you could also be guided by kitchen food vacuum reviews at websites such as and, where you would find detailed customer’s descriptions on how useful particular brands and models of food vacuum machines are.

So remember, when buying kitchen vacuum sealers, parts and bags, it does pay to do your research to find the best deals possible. Good luck!


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