How To Buy Lincoln Logs

In the 1910s, John Lloyd Wright introduced Lincoln Logs into the market. Influenced by his father, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, his interlocking, sturdy logs imitated the construction sites being run by American builders during that time. In fact, he admitted that the shape of the Lincoln Logs was inspired by Imperial Hotel, Tokyo’s earthquake-proof edifice.

Lincoln Logs followed the popularity of the Erector Set and the Tinkertoys. Original sets of Lincoln Logs were sold like hotcakes immediately after they were released. And then, with the baby boom after World War II, it became known as the toymaker’s dream. Lincoln Logs was a phenomenal success.

If you are thinking of buying Lincoln Logs, here are some tips to guide you well:

  • Know the basic difference between the vintage Lincoln Logs and the modern sets. The vintage Lincoln Logs are composed of masterfully notched miniature logs. Each log measures about 0.75 inches in diameter (approximately between 1 and 2 centimeters). The miniature logs look real. They are comparable with the actual logs utilized in building log cabins.
  • Both the vintage and the modern Lincoln Logs sets feature doors and windows. They make the toy buildings more “realistic”. Note, however, that some of the modern sets are more exciting to have. They come complete with figures, humans and animals. Interestingly, the size of the figures matches the scale of the toy buildings.
  • Find out about the places where you can get Lincoln Logs sets. Lincoln Logs are featured in a number of websites. For example, offers Lincoln Logs sets in their original, distinctive wood finish. The original sets are classified into two categories: the Nostalgia and the Classic Collections. The Nostalgia Collection showcases exquisite building sets of varied sizes. Meanwhile, the Classic Collection carries accessories intended to enhance your kid’s playing time. On the other hand, can ship your Lincoln Logs in just a few days.
  • If you are not an internet savvy, visiting your nearby Wal-Mart is a great alternative. Wal-Mart displays a wonderful selection of Lincoln Logs in their stores. You can also go to Toys R Us or any of large toy chains in your locality.
  • Set you budget. The price tag of a Lincoln Logs set depends on the featured pieces. Ideally, you can allot a budget between $10 and $50 per set. If your budget is limited, you can join some on-line auctions. Eye an item that suits your limit.
  • Lincoln Logs are a perfect gift for a kid. If you wish to surprise a kid, three years old and up, Lincoln Logs is certainly an excellent choice. If the kid appreciates building things, he is going to be delighted to receive his own Lincoln Logs set. If you are giving the set as a birthday gift, plan early or order ahead. If you order it on-line, allot a three-week delivery waiting period.

Lincoln Logs are definitely one of the playroom’s treasures. For one, you and your kid can appreciate it for its quality and sophistication. Research indicates that playing Lincoln Logs can develop the eye-and-hand coordination of kids. Aside from that, their creative juices are inspired when they begin to imagine structuring the buildings in varied ways. So, when are you going to get your Lincoln Logs?


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