How To Buy Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber has many qualities that make it an ideal alternative to wood used for outdoor building materials. Plastic lumber is water resistant, does not decay, and is also resistant to damages like splinters, snaps, and cracks. Apart from being flexible and easy to mold into different forms, plastic lumber requires low maintenance. One way you can contribute to saving the forest and natural wood resources is to use plastic lumber instead. Here are important things to consider when you buy plastic lumber.

Look for plastic lumber that’s made of recyclable and non hazardous materials. Reusable plastics made of HDPE and LDPE—high density and low density polyethylene resins can be easily recycled and acquired. These types of reusable plastics are recommended. Aside from plastic lumber, they can also be found in containers for dairy products and water. Take note to avoid plastics with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polystyrene, as these contain chemicals that pose hazards to human health and the environment. Wood-plastic combinations and those containing a mixture of different resins are also definitely out of the question. These types of hazardous materials are not recyclable, do not decompose easily, and just continue to add to waste in landfills. It’s also helpful to know that these materials contain toxic ingredients.

Buy locally. To save money, you can buy plastic lumber from manufacturers who acquire plastic resins from local recycling centers. These local and municipal recycling centers sell materials at a cheaper cost. Making a habit of this not only helps you save money, it also allows you to support local businesses and contribute to your own community.

Avoid plastic lumber materials with fiberglass. Studies are still underway in firmly establishing a link between continuous exposure to fiberglass and pulmonary diseases. This new area of research in science is based on accounts of workers who were exposed to fiberglass insulation and installments for a long period of time, and who in the course of their work dealing with fiberglass, have been constantly subjected to many forms of pulmonary illnesses. As much as possible, do not buy plastic lumber materials supported with fiberglass. It’s better to be safe than sorry later on.

Always opt for recycled plastic materials. An ideal one is plastic lumber that’s made up of fifty percent recyclable materials. You’re not only consciously making a small effort in helping out the environment and natural resources, you’re also promoting personal health and safety.

Plastic lumber may well be one of the ideal alternatives we have to using natural resources like wood. Its many helpful properties make it more practical and economical to use. When you buy plastic lumber, just make sure that t is made of materials that are not harmful both to humans and the environment.


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