How To Buy the Right Doorknobs for Your Home

Selecting the right doorknob for your doors is quite an easy task as long as you know what you want the doorknob to do. Most indoor doorknobs aren’t anything fancy and only serve to open the door or to lock it.

Doorknobs are an integral part of your door and can even say something about your personality depending on the kind of doorknob you choose.

Doorknob kits can be bought at your local hardware stores and usually contain the following:

  • Dummy knobs
  • Keyed locking doorknobs
  • Privacy lever locksets
  • Privacy locksets
  • Passage locksets
  • Lever locksets
  • Deadbolt and lockset

When selecting the perfect doorknob to purchase, here are some key factors to keep in mind.

  • Where will it go? Determine where the doorknob will be installed. Doors inside the house like closet doors and linen cabinets normally don’t need keyed locks. While external doors like your front door, garage door, back door and any door leading outside the house usually need keys.
  • Determine knobs. Figure out the kind of knob you want for these doorknobs. Your choices range from standard knob shapes to lever type knobs to thumb latches. The people who share your home may help you determine the kind of knobs you may want to use. For example, lever-type knobs are best for people who have full use of their hands like kids and elder people because it will be easier to use them.
  • Determine which knobs go on which doors. Passage knobs should go on linen closets, cabinets and other such non-locking interior doors. Privacy locks, for their part, go on bathroom doors and bedroom doors. Interior doors that require locking mechanisms for privacy. These kinds of doorknobs do not need a key to lock them and only use button or thumb turns to lock one side, usually the interior one.
  • Key locks go on the outside. Keyed locking doorknobs are usually a home’s first defense. These kinds of knobs go on exterior doors like your front door, back door, terrace doors and other doors that lead to the outside. Make sure that you make duplicates of the keys and make sure that every responsible member of your family has a copy of these keys. Making a key ring for the exterior doors is advisable as you can rest assured knowing all of your external keys are in one location and in the hands of a responsible individual.

Of course these are the functional aspects of doorknobs. Some doorknobs have intricate designs or simple ones and are always made of sturdy, reliable, and lockable material.  These can also factor in your choosing which kind of doorknob goes on your doors. You can choose your doorknobs based on how intricate the design of your doors is and if the doorknob goes with that. You can also choose to have custom-created doorknobs made for your doors.  Always be advised that when deciding which doorknob to use is subject to personal taste.  Now, if you are looking to get more information about the different kinds of doorknobs and which goes with what, then visit


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