How To Calculate Concrete Needed to Pour a Slab

Making concrete slabs

One of the basic building blocks for a home is the concrete slab. The slab is used to support the flooring, the patio, or the basement. Whatever purposes your slab will serve, getting accurate measurements before rushing off to purchase the concrete is easy. You simply need to be able to get the volume of the concrete and transform the result into cubic yards, so that you will be able to place your order. Here’s how.

Get the measurement for the slab. Begin by measuring the length of the concrete slab. This can be done by using a tape measure. Get the length, the width, and the height of the concrete slab that you are planning on creating. Concrete slabs can be made according to your particular specifications, but usually the concrete slabs are made with a thickness ranging from half a foot to four inches. The length and width, however, will vary depending on where you are planning on placing the concrete footers.

Computing the volume. Once the measurements for the slab have been made, the next step is for you to compute for the volume of the cement slabs. This can be done through the formula L x W x H. this means that the height, length, and width of the concrete cement slab will be multiplied together to yield the initial measurement. If, for example, you have a slab that is 10 feet long, 17 feet wide, and half a foot in height, you should end up with a volume of 85. Keep in mind, however, that the unit for this measurement is in cubic feet, since you took the measurements for the slab in cubic feet.

Convert into cubic yards. As most do it yourself enthusiast knows, however, cement is not purchased in cubic feet. To convert the measurement into cubic yards, you will need to divide the initial measurement by 27. 27 is the standard dividend for conversions involving cubic feet and cubic yards. In the example, the 85 cubic feet of concrete needed to feel a slab that is ten feet long, seventeen feet wide, and half a foot in thickness is equal to 3.14 cubic yards of cement. Because the full result of the calculation is 3.14814, you can round up the second decimal point to 3.15.

Safety. Even if you round up to 3.15, there is still the possibility that the total cement that you will purchase will not add up, especially since there are various other factors that can lessen or add up to the concrete you have purchased, such as inaccurate measurements. For added safety, you should add an extra five percent to the final cubic yard computation that you have ended up in. this can easily be done by multiplying the result with 1.05. For 3.15 cubic yards of cement, adding five percent will result in 3.31 cubic feet of cement.

Once you have the exact measurements, you can purchase the cement from your local hardware shop or construction supplies. Keep in mind, however, that it is best to purchase stocks from actual construction suppliers, especially for large projects.


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