How To Calculate Cost of Installing a Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house. Close friends and family members often spend more time in the kitchen than they would in the living room or the dining room. As such, many people tend to save a few bucks for kitchen improvement projects. One such project would be the installation of a kitchen island. This will give your kitchen space a clean and efficient look and enhance the splendour of your kitchen.

Also, take into consideration that a beautiful kitchen can increase the resale value of the house, so any home improvement project should be considered as an investment. Here are some guides to help you get a cost estimate for the installation of your kitchen island.

  • Kitchen island function. The size and design of the island will depend on its intended usage. The options of incorporating a dining space, cooking space, sink space or just an extra counter space will determine the installation cost. Keep in mind that you will need about three feet of walking space around the kitchen island. You can now approximate the space and determine the size and shape of your island
  • Optional add-ons. Once you have the basic design of your kitchen island, you now need to shop for appliances or fixtures that you want to install in the island. Some available options would be cook tops, sinks, ovens and wine racks. The optional items to be installed should depend on the intended use of your kitchen island. To get the best priced items, you need to shop around and compare prices. Remember that these items are optional; if you're just installing the island for additional counter space then there is no need for you to install additional items.
  • Countertop and cabinet style. You now have to decide on the composition of your countertop. Natural stones such as granite or marble may look good but they cost more than acrylic or laminate counter, not to mention that you using natural materials may require more effort to keep it in pristine condition. If the kitchen island will be utilized for eating, the countertop should extend beyond the edge of the cabinet by roughly 12 to 18 inches to have room for leg movement underneath. Generally, countertops are priced by the square foot.
  • Professional help. No matter how many home improvement movies you have seen on television, there are times where you will need the help of professionals for this project. Let's say you plan to install a cook top, oven or a fridge, you will need a licensed electrician to install electrical wirings for the island. Same goes with the sink, only this time you will need a plumber for the pipe installation and drainage and if you plan to cook on the island, then a contractor is needed to install a proper ventilation system. Get estimates first before signing up for their services.
  • Computing for cost. Now that you have the size and design of the kitchen island, you can now compute for the cost of installing a new kitchen island. Just add the cost of the countertop, base cabinet, any appliance that you are installing and the professional labor cost. The sum would be the total cost of installation.

A project such as a kitchen island should not be taken lightly. It is important to set your budget to draw your limitations. As such, careful planning should be implemented to make the island design, concept and dimension compliment your kitchen without breaking the bank.


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