How To Calculate the Cost of Building a Basement

So you are thinking of building a basement for your home. That is a great project to consider. With the convenience of a new room and an added value for your home, there is no doubt that this is such a great investment. However, the question here is how much it will cost you to build a basement.

It is true that building a basement is one of the cheapest projects you can do for your home. However, it is still necessary for you to determine the cost of this project to help you along the way. So to help you calculate basement building cost, check out these following tips to consider:

  • Determine the excavation costs. Contact an excavator to help you determine the whole cost of excavation. Allow him to visit your house to help him come up with an accurate calculation of the price. Usually, the rates for excavation depend on the type of soil that must be removed. For instance, the price is higher if there are a lot of rocks in the site where the basement will be built. Upon examining the site for the building, the excavator will provide you a specific price of dirt removal per square yard. Ask also other fees he charges such as equipment transportation fee and the like.
  • Determine how much concrete is needed. Make an approximation of the needed concrete for the job per cubic yards. To do this, figure out how thick and high you wish the walls to be. The standard construction thickness for a basement wall is eight inches and the height is nine feet if you wish the basement to have eight-foot high ceilings.
  • Identify separately the concrete needed for footings. Ask a building inspector in your locality in terms of the standard footing thickness requirement in your area. This is usually one foot thick and two foot strip concrete.
  • Determine the amount of concrete for the floor. Know how much concrete will be consumed for a four inch deep flooring of the basement. Once done, add this amount to the above concrete calculations.
  • Calculate the cost of reinforcing steel. The reinforcing steel is needed to give strength to your basement walls. Calculate the cost of installing 94 inches long of this steel for every two linear feet plus nine horizontal levels. Also add reinforcement rods and ties for this calculation.
  • Determine the cost of sand. At least three inches of sand is needed for the flooring before pouring in the concrete of the basement's floor. Calculate how much you need and how much it will cost you.
  • Identify the need for a drain tile. This is necessary to be installed around the basement. Check out how much drain tile will cover the whole perimeter of the area.
  • Add all the costs together. Sum all costs up to get a rough calculation of the overall cost of the project. Don't forget to add labor costs to come up with a more accurate calculation.

With this calculation, you can prepare yourself already for this project. However, keep in mind that this calculation will provide you only the approximation of the costs only. If you wish to get an accurate and actual estimate, it is best to seek help from professional builders.


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