How To Calculate the Cost of Installing an ADA Bathroom

It is a great treat for people with disabilities to be entertained in places where the environment is friendly to them. This is especially true for bathrooms. Therefore, if you wish to cater to the needs of disabled people, it is a good idea to install an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) bathroom. This is true not only for public bathrooms but also for your home.

There are a lot of benefits installing an ADA bathroom can provide you. Even if you are not the one to personally take advantage of it, an ADA bathroom has a lot of promises to offer. If you happen to own a business, this kind of bathroom can open opportunities to encourage a wider list of customers. If built at home, this one can offer optimum convenience and comfort for your disabled family members and friends. So to get you started for this project, check out how you can calculate the price of installing one:

  • Consult a contractor. The process of installing an ADA bathroom involves installing various additions to the existing one. For instance, a ramp is needed so that a wheelchair can easily navigate going to the bathroom. This is true for a bathroom that is situated above a small staircase. However, when the bathroom is located up above a building, an elevator system is needed. Therefore, to come up with a good calculation, contact a contractor to provide you the cost of installing these additions.
  • Determine the costs of several modifications. A disabled-friendly bathroom must have a more spacious stall. Plus, the door must be modified in a way that a wheelchair can go through it. Know the costs for this kind of changes including the labor and materials for this stall.
  • Compare railing prices. An ADA-approved bathroom must also have railings in several locations. Some areas that need railings are the ones next to the sink and showers and inside the stalls. If you can do this yourself, this is a lesser expense for you. Hence, figure out only the cost of railings for the bathroom. Visit hardware stores and check out prices for railings. If you need help, include the cost of labor too.
  • Calculate the cost of adding a shower stall. The shower stall of an ADA-approved bathroom requires a special kind of setup. There must be sturdy shower seats to help the disabled people to conveniently use them. To know how much this will cost you, get a quote from a general contractor.
  • Know the actual cost of a new kind of faucet. The ADA approves faucets that are automatic, touch type, lever type, and push type. If your current bathroom faucet is not any of the above-mentioned, know how much it will cost you to replace it. Determine the cost of a specific kind of faucet in the market, the cost of plumbing, and other expenses.
  • Determine the cost of mirrors. There must be mirrors that can be easily accessed by people who are in wheelchairs. You have the option to just lower the mirrors or to install new ones. The first option will cost you less or no money especially if you will move the mirrors yourself. Otherwise, determine the cost of additional mirrors and installation costs.

Arranging a disabled-friendly bathroom is a good step you must take. This is not only a way to operate in accordance with the ADA regulations. This will also help a lot of disabled people to make their life better and more convenient.


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