How To Calculate the Cost of Remodeling a Mobile Home

Housing is a major problem for many people in the country, and one of the solutions to getting shelter without having to pay for the cost of a house is through mobile homes. If you plan on remodeling a mobile home, however, there are certain expenses that you should be prepared for, since a mobile home is remodeled differently from the usual house.

Old or new. Begin by checking out whether your mobile home is a new or old model. There are plenty of differences in how the old and new models are made. For one, the older models are usually made during a time when the quality control mechanisms were less stringent. Because of this, remodeling these older homes is sometimes easier. at the same time, the materials that will fit for remodeling older mobile homes are sometimes very difficult to come by, which makes them more difficult to renovate.

Floors. Next, consider remodeling the flooring for the mobile home. If you do so, one of the major challenges that you will have to deal with is the way that the flooring for mobile homes is constructed. Before the walls are attached to the mobile home, the flooring is already fully finished, since the construction process for mobile homes moves in an upward vertical fashion. This means that some of the floor is actually tucked in the walls. If your mobile home has carpeting and you wish to remove these, it will be difficult. Likewise, if you wish to install carpeting, you will also have to fit the carpeting in to the crevices in the wall. Both of these will add up to the total cost of remodeling the mobile home.

Windows and doors. The doors and windows in the mobile home can quickly change how your home looks, but these pieces are also very difficult to remodel since the windows and doors for mobile homes come in smaller than usual sizes. At the same time, you cannot enlarge the window size since the walls in mobile homes are very difficult to modify, and changing the size back to the previous size is almost impossible without leaving very noticeable marks on the walls. You will need to search for doors and windows that are fitted exactly for the size of your mobile home.

Fixtures. Next, consider the fixtures that you will attach to the mobile home. Changing the plumbing and the fixtures in a regular house can be pretty challenging, but the plumbing on a mobile home can also be very difficult to remodel not because of the complexity of the plumbing but because of the difficulty in finding piping that will fit in with the mobile home. Also keep in mind that the fixtures attached on the mobile should be as light as possible.

One last cost that may be added in remodeling a mobile home is the construction and labor cost. If you are handy, however, you can choose to remodel the mobile home yourself and save yourself several hundreds of dollars. Through these steps, you can determine just how much remodeling your mobile home will cost you, and will give you an idea of how much money you need to allot for the project.


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