How To Calculate the Costs of Insulating an Attic

If you intend to use your attic as a room or an office, it is a good idea to insulate it. This is necessary to ensure that the room will offer you the right temperature all throughout the year. However, even if you will not consider using the attic, the need for insulating it is also seen. This is because it is found out that an insulated attic can reduce the waste of energy in instances of heating or cooling your entire home.

The importance of insulation in the attic makes a lot of sense especially if you wish to save more on your heating or cooling expenses. Hence, if your attic is not properly insulated yet, better start this project right away. To help you get started, check out how you can calculate attic insulation costs:

  • Know the current insulation needs of your attic. Take note that the standard recommendation for attic insulation is R-38. Therefore, even if your attic comes previous insulated, check whether it complies with the industry recommendations. Subtract the insulation depth of your attic from the actual cost of the R-38 insulation level. That will serve as the estimated cost for your attic insulation project.
  • Determine the floor length of the attic. The batts and blankets for the insulation of the attic's floor come in 16 and 24 inches of width. Know how large the room is and how many batts or blankets to cover the length of the floor. Determine how many pieces of batts or blankets you will need for this purpose.
  • Determine the width of the attic. Know whether you wish to use batts or blankets for the floor. The batts are cut in lengths of four and eight inches while the blankets come in variations of lengths from 40 feet and longer. After deciding on this, calculate how many pieces will cover the width of the space. Then, divide the figure you calculated from the previous step by this current figure to give you the total number of batts or blankets to use.
  • Find the total cost of materials. Survey different stores to find out the best price for these insulation needs. Then, multiply the amount per unit so you will find how much the total job will cost. Take note that if your attic needs insulation in the walls too, check its area the same way as what you did for the floor.
  • Get price quotes from installers. If you wish to go for professional insulation, contact different insulation companies. They can provide you the complete declaration of the cost for the whole job. This includes material and labor costs.
  • Get help online. There are a lot of online calculators that can help you to estimate the cost of insulating the attic. You must indicate the type and size of your home, the size of the attic, and the type of insulation you prefer. With a few clicks of a button, you will immediately have the calculations of this project.

Insulating the attic is a good investment for your home. However, this project means financing needs, too. Therefore, to help you prepare for the project, know how much budget you must prepare for it. Calculate the actual costs of this insulation project to guarantee no problems all throughout the making of this home project.


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