How To Calculate Total Square Feet & Order Laminate Flooring

Getting a renovation for your floor with laminate flooring overhauls the interior of your house or office with elegance, without the hassle of maintaining it time and time again. But before you go to the hardware depot, you must know exactly the dimension of your space in order for you to purchase the accurate facet. There are many ways to calculate the total square feet of your room. Measuring can be done electronically or manually. Read the suggestions below and select which one suits your need.

  • The electronic way. As for most constructors, electronic gadgets are their time and money saviors to perfectly measure any distance, area, dimension and volume in no time. Below are the best deals for measuring square feet for flooring renovations.
    • Prexiso X2 Laser Distance Measurer. This measuring tool is a utility man’s best friend for measuring distances, areas, and volumes needed to finish any construction. It is accurate and perfect for measuring areas and distances for flooring.
    • Agatec PL60 Hand Held Laser Distance Meter is a quick and efficient measuring tool that contains a tapered base to accurately measure diagonals of a room. This tool is so reliable to have the capacity of measuring for up to 195 ft distances. A favorite of any Estimators, Flooring and Tiling constructors, it also comes in handy and is best for professionals and amateurs alike.  
    • 48-Inch Smart Tool Digital Level. Thanks to modern invention, even with calculating distances or dimensions using a tape measure has already evolved to a more efficient and precise calculation. This digital tool is somewhat like a tape measure except that it is more of an electronic gadget. It greatly applies to stairs, decks, roofs and floors. To purchase or order online for this high-quality, low-priced measuring gadget, visit
  • The manual way
    • Compute Total Square Feet. The formula for doing this is LxW(room)= sq. ft (room)+waste%=total sq. ft.
    • Know the measure of the laminate flooring in a single box. This is to determine the amount of square feet that a single box can cover a space of the room.
    • Number of square feet ÷ square feet per box = total quantity
    • Check out the underlayment. Not all hardware depots sell laminate floorings that have underlayment attached. In case you purchase this type of laminate flooring, you need to calculate the underlayment required to finish the renovation.

Number of square feet ÷ square feet per underlayment= total quantity  

To order laminate flooring online, the process is very easy. Read the instructions below to easily purchase them via the Internet.

  • The websites below have various types and designs of laminate flooring to offer you. They have about 50 designer floor collections for you to choose from. Though quite expensive they promise elegance and comfort in your room, which you will surely love.
  • Select the design of your preference and read reviews to better study what matches your room.
  • After you have decided on the laminate flooring design, add it to your shopping cart and submit your payment. If however, you are a bit doubtful and still want to examine the product further, contact their customer service for a better conversation on your inquiry.

There you go! Enjoy clean and safe flooring for you and your kids!


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