How To Camouflage a Radiator

Radiators are great at keeping you warm during cold nights.  They have been around for many, many years.  There are now many innovations in terms of design of the lowly radiators that usually tend to look out-of-place.  Older radiators are quite unsightly and no one can be blamed for wanting to hide the radiator.

If your home doesn’t have the more modern and sophisticated looking radiator, don’t fret. There are a number of ways to camouflage an otherwise unattractive radiator.  Here are some ideas you may want to try:

  1. Paint the radiator.  Go to your local hardware store and inquire about what paint you can use for the radiator.  You will need a heat-resistant paint.  Choose a color that will either blend with the surroundings or go funky if it will match you house’ design concept.  Make sure that the radiator is off when you paint it.
  2. Build a radiator cover.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then by all means build a wooden box type radiator cover.  The cover should be easy to remove and store elsewhere when the radiator needs to be used.  Measure the dimensions of the radiator, calculate how much wood you will need and what paint to use.  Gather your materials and saw, hammer and paint away.  You can paint the cover to match the room or cover it with a tablecloth.  On hot summer nights, when the radiator is not being used, the top of the cover can be used to put your things on.  If you are not a builder, ask a handy relative, friend or hire someone else to make the cover.
  3. Build a cabinet.  To get some extra storage space, build a cabinet instead of just a cover.  When building the cabinet, the doors fronting the radiator must open to the sides when the radiator is on.  This will allow the heat to escape and warm the room.  Make sure the cabinet has a reflective back so the heat will go out towards the room.
  4. Build a towel drying station.  Instead of merely covering the radiator, why not make use of it as a towel warmer.  The heat coming from the radiator will easily warm and even dry not just towels but any wet clothing or linen above it.  Read the following article How To Make A Towel Warmer for instructions.
  5. Buy a radiator screen.  Oriental screens are sometimes used in front of radiators to hide the eyesore.  Others place a standing multiple photo frame where you can place pictures of loved ones or photos from your vacations.  When choosing a screen, make sure that it allows the heat to be distributed around the room.  You can purchase radiator screens or covers in an array of colors, themes and designs.  They come in standard sizes or can be made to order. 
  6. Cover the radiator with cloth.  When the radiator is not in use, find a nice looking tablecloth to cover the radiator. 

Make sure to clean your radiator often.  Do not allow dust and dirt to accumulate because they reduce the heat output of the radiator.

There is no need to replace your radiator with a newer, more modern model if it still works perfectly.  There are many options for camouflaging your radiator.  Choose one that suits your design taste and your needs so you can continue enjoying warm toasty nights.


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