How To Care for a Leather Couch

Nothing is more relaxing and cool than watching a great movie on a wide screen while eating pizza or popcorn, and most of all, while sitting on a nice leather couch. But your leather couch may not serve longer for your weekend movie viewing if it wears out fast. Most people who own a leather couch and other leather-made furniture pieces don’t have any idea how to properly care for these big investments. If your leather couch is still savable, you definitely need to start looking for the proper way on how to care for a leather couch.

Here are the general tips for caring a leather couch:

•    Basic wiping. Every type of leather has a special wiping technique. But most leather couches will only need a clean rug damped in water with non-coarse soap. Simply use that rug to wipe off any stain on the leather couch. This is also great for regular cleaning of the leather furniture.

•    Check cushions. You might be surprised of what you’ll discover under your leather couch’s cushion—popcorn kernels, coins, fur, hair, key, etc. Better check your cushion regularly especially if you eat while sitting on your leather couch. The rotten food will most probably ruin your couch, aside from the obvious fact that dirt under the cushion invites insects like cockroaches.

•    Cleaning solution. Ask a leather couch manufacturer for the best cleaning solution for your leather furniture that you can buy from your nearest store.

•    Use the right cleaning solution for a specific stain. The manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution may be best for regular maintenance of your leather couch. But what if your couch suffers grease or ink stain? Your basic cleaning solution is probably not enough. Here are some tips when dealing with leather couch stains:

-    Ink. Deal with the ink stain as soon as you noticed the stain. Waiting for some time will only make the ink stain harder to remove. Spraying the ink using a hairspray and wiping it off with clean rug can already solve your leather couch problem.
-    Water. Water is used to clean the leather couch. So why will it cause stain on the couch? Moisture on the couch from the water might produce pickle-like stains. You surely don’t want that because pickles are almost impossible to remove. Once you see the water stain, remove it immediately with clean cloth. You can lather a leather conditioner on the couch but make sure you finish it off with damp clean cloth. Make sure also that the couch is perfectly dry after every cleaning.
-    Grease.  Think you have to rub the grease with a damp cloth? Don’t do that, as it will just make the stain worse. Instead, put corn starch or talcum powder on the grease. Let the powder on for about four hours before wiping it away using a damp cloth. Again, don’t rub the couch but gently blot the grease stain.

•    Professional help. Try cleaning your leather couch and try removing the stain. If all these tips still leave your couch dirty, then it’s time to seek professional help. You surely don’t want to make fatal and irreversible mistakes by trying whatever you can think of on your leather couch.

It’s more expensive to replace your leather couch than properly taking care of it using these tips. You see, your effort taking care of the leather couch will pay off someday.


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