How To Care for a Toilet

Properly cleaning and taking care of your toilet can prevent the growth and spreading of bacteria and fungus that can cause diseases. This can also help you save a lot of money because you would not need to hire someone to take care of the damages and repair your toilet. To maintain a clean and properly working toilet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather all the necessary materials to clean your toilet such as any kind of disinfectant or detergent or toilet bowl cleaner, a toilet bowl swab, pumice stick to remove the stains and as an alternative to toilet bowl cleaners that can be harsh, a plunger, disposable cloth or towel, and protective gear like rubber gloves.
  2. In a bucket or a spray bottle, mix the detergent cleaner or disinfectant according to the instructions on the label. Wipe down or spray the toilet bowl’s hard surfaces. Make sure that you wipe down or spray the flush handle and the toilet seat. Leave it for about ten minutes for the disinfectant to work and kill all the germs and bacteria.
  3. Lower the waterline in the toilet bowl by turning off the water in the toilet and flush it or force the water down using a plunger. You can also try using a toilet bowl swab and push it in and out of the trap until the level of water drops.
  4. As soon as the waterline has been lowered, spray the surfaces inside of the toilet bowl. Leave it again for about ten minutes for the disinfectant to effectively kill all the germs and bacteria.
  5. You can also try using an acid base bowl cleaner for your bowl swab to wipe down the stains under the rim and down into the trap. If there are stains that are hard to remove, apply a tiny amount of bowl cleaner directly into the stain. Really tough stains can be removed by using a pumice stick. Use a tiny mirror so you can look for hidden stains under the rim of the bowl.
  6. Use the toilet bowl swab to wipe under the rim of the toilet bowl and work your way down into the trap.
  7. Flush the toilet after a considerable amount of time then start wiping the external surfaces especially the flush handle and the toilet seat
  8. Avoid using a tank type toilet bowl cleaner as this can cause severe damage to the rubber parts in the tank. Furthermore, this type of cleaner does not reach the areas where there are plenty of bacteria and germs. This means that your toilet will not be thoroughly cleaned if you rely on a tank type toilet bowl cleaner.

It is easier to regularly maintain and clean your toilet bowl than to pay for repairs in the long run. Remember to put on your protective gear when you start cleaning to prevent acquiring germs and harmful bacteria. Keep your toilet clean for a healthy environment for your family.


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