How To Care for an Oreck Steam Iron

Trusty home items such as your Oreck Steam Iron would not have their best performance if not for excellent care and usage. It is very difficult to keep on returning to stores just to buy the same item, and it is a worthwhile investment if you are able to care for your Oreck Steam Iron the right way. Here are the steps in caring for an Oreck Steam Iron:

Storage. Your storage is the first thing that you need to consider when caring for your Oreck Steam Iron. You need to find a place in your home where you can permanently store your steam iron. It must be at an average adult height, to keep it from being taken in by playful children. At the same time, there must always be room temperature in your storage area and do not place in other objects to mix with your steam iron. Keep the steam iron in a sturdy position.

After use. After using, the iron is still very hot and it is not recommended that you store it immediately. Let it dry first before storing to ensure safety and assurance that it will not be unnecessarily storing moisture in the inner circuit regions.

Sole plate. The sole plate is most prone for wear and tear of your regular use. The sole plate or metallic part at the bottom of your steam iron can be maintained by means of embedding its surface to a mixture of diluted vinegar (vinegar and water). Make sure that put ample pressure to the surface of the sole plate and keep on linking it to the vinegar solution until all the remnants are gone from the sole plate. You just need to check for white rings from time to time to see if the sole plate needs cleaning.

Cleaning. A damp cloth can be used to clean the other extremities of your Oreck steam iron. Make sure that you have a dry cloth on standby to wipe it further and prevent unnecessary moisture build up on the surface of the iron.

Usage.  Moderate your frequency of use based on the optimum usage recommended in the manual of your Oreck steam iron. Be very careful to place in moisture only in designated areas of your steam iron.

Cord (optional). Keep the cord sturdy and reliable by not coiling it too tightly. Avoid electrical accidents by keeping the cord at a distance from the sole plate while the steam iron is in use. This is not a problem if you are using the cordless Oreck steam iron, which requires easier maintenance but are more expensive.

Clothing and Contact Surface. Make sure that you are also able to secure good accessories such a stable and soft surface where you can use your steam iron. Take extra care when you are ironing designed clothing that has intricate details in them. That can react with the ironing surface and case needless scratches on your Oreck steam iron.


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