How To Care for and Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Homeowners usually prefer to use wrought iron furniture in their patio because of its durable materials as well as its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. With wrought iron furniture, you have no worry that it will discolor or wear out despite various climate changes. Yet no matter how tough it may be, wrought iron furniture also needs to be cleaned and cared for to make it last even longer.

Here are tips on how to maintain wrought iron patio furniture:

  • Get ready with these materials: sandpaper, cleaning rags, bucket, gentle detergent, car wax (neutral color), warm water, steel brush, hose, paint and paint brushes. To save costs, you can look around if there are available materials in your home that you can use so you do not need to purchase them anymore.
  • Take out all trimmings and accessories on the furniture such as pillows, cushions, cloth or leather coverings, planters and coasters. Move the furniture to an area with concrete flooring. Avoid the grass or tiled walkways, as you do not want paint or cleaning substances to discolor the lawn and pavement.
  • Brush the surface of the furniture with a clean paint brush with narrow shaped bristles. Insert the bristles in curved areas.
  • Use the steel brush in cleaning areas that are rusty so the rust will fall off ad reveal the smoother surface underneath.
  • Smoothen the whole surface of the furniture with extra strong sandpaper to get rid of bumps and uneven spots.
  • Mix your cleaning solution by pouring a cup of gentle liquid soap in a bucket of water. Be sure you are using the right kind of soap since there are certain detergents with harsh ingredient that may do more damage than good. Read the labels whenever possible to know if the soap contains acid and other hard cleaning substances.
  • Soak the cleaning rag in the cleaning mixture and squeeze out the extra liquid.
  • Scrub the rag on the surface of the wrought iron furniture to wipe off dust, dirt and rust particles. Repeat if necessary, until you see a little shine on the furniture.
  • Attach a hose to a nearby tap and run water over the furniture to completely rinse off the soap. Make sure there are no detergent residues on the surface of the furniture. Soaps are chemicals and they might cause the furniture to deteriorate.
  • Get another piece of clean cloth and dab some amount of car wax on it. Polish the entire wrought iron furniture with the wax until a glowing luster is achieved. Car wax will not only reveal the normal radiance of the furniture, it also helps preserve it for longer use.
  • With another piece of clean and unused rag, rub the furniture to further bring out its natural shine and color.
  • Follow the contours of the wrought iron furniture’s curved designs on the inside and outside parts when rubbing it with the car wax.

If there are areas that already rusted, you can camouflage the damage by dabbing a little retouch paint. Although wrought iron patio furniture is generally designed for outdoor purposes it nonetheless needs regular care and cleaning so it will not deteriorate and be wasted away.


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