How To Care for Circular Saw Blades

Heavy-duty, do-it-yourself projects require lots of technical expertise and skill. You cannot do a job if you do not know how to do it well. You also cannot do the job without the proper tools. They are there to make your difficult endeavor easier. Always bring the right tools for the right project and make sure that they are in working condition. In particular, you must always show proper care for circular saw blades. Sharp tools require special attention. If not maintained properly, they will not be as effective for you. Here is how to care for circular saw blades:

  • Safety measures. Of course, handling such a dangerous object should be met with caution. Taking care of and maintaining your circular saw blades is important but do not be careless. You could easily accidentally slice yourself or worse if you are not careful. Remember to handle the blade with respect lest you cut yourself. Remember also that you want to remove your saw blade from the saw first before you start cleaning it and make sure that you never leave your saw lying around when it is activated.
  • Selecting the right saw blade for the job. Taking care of your saw blades starts with making sure that you are using the right blade for the job. There are different saw blades for different jobs and you should always pair-up those that go together. Typically, you have three types of blades: a rip blade, a crosscut blade and a combination blade. There are also other types of blades specially-made for certain tasks such as cutting steel or masonry work. Use the right blade for the job and they should last longer. Observing this rule also helps prevent your blades from being worn out with overuse.
  • The right way to clean. After a lot of projects, residue can accumulate on your blades and cause it dull, rust and/or perform inefficiently. The easiest and simplest way to clean your circular saw blade is to apply a liquid cleaning agent. Use your favorite cleaning solution on your saw blades. Read the instructions first on how to use it and make sure that it can be used on your particular blade. You can use soft non-abrasive towels or cloths to wipe your blade then just rinse it off with afterwards and pat dry when you are done. Again, be careful when handling the blade because it is truly very sharp, especially if you clean it regularly.
  • Keeping your blade sharp. You have to maintain the sharpness of your circular saw blade. When sharpening, make sure that all the teeth are sharpened to the exact specifications or else you will have an uneven blade. The proper way to sharpen your blade is to use a smooth back and forth motion along the sharpener.
  • Other important notes about saw blade care. Your blade should also be properly attached to your saw. This means it should be safely secured at a 90-degree angle to the base of your saw. If your blade starts to drift, make sure to put it back in its original position before beginning. Don’t start fires by cutting anything that could produce sparks. Broken blades should be replaced immediately.

Follow these easy steps to properly take care of your circular saw blades and keep them as sharp and efficient as ever.


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