How To Care for Cow Hide Leather

Leather is a fashion staple and it is definitely here to stay. This is something that you can be thankful for as you try to devise ways to care for your cow hide leather. The soft and relatively durable quality of cow hide leather makes it a favorite especially in women’s bags and couches. But the reliability of using cow hide leather is dependent on how you maintain your cow hide leather products. Here are the steps in caring for cow hide leather.

  1. Gentleness is key. The manner of maintenance is the first thing that you need to take a note of. Be as gentle as possible with your strokes and caring methods for your cow hide leather. Doing this consistently already removes half the threats of your cow hide leather objects’ survival and functionality.
  2. Stains. The rule of thumb for this is to remove stains as soon as you find them in the object. Bags are the nastiest victims of this cow hide leather problem. Make sure that you are able to wipe it first with a dry cloth and see if it comes off naturally. Defer the need to use harsh chemicals on the cowhide leather surface.
  3. Main deep cleaning schedule. Quarterly is a perfect time for cleaning your cow hide leather. Deep cleaning involves an even and tedious scrubbing of your surface, done as gently and as balanced as possible. The main deep cleaning action prevents the build up of dirt and dust that is acquired from daily use and contact with other surfaces. Deep cleaning also keeps the cowhide leather looking neat and new all the time.
  4. Manufacturer notes. In the furniture containing cow hide leather, they may have manufacturer notes that contain additional guidelines that can serve as your basis for cleaning and maintaining your cow hide leather. It is a benefit for you since it will also teach you how to maintain your cow hide leather in the whole context of it serving as part of your furniture. Bags may have short tags or notes in them in place of manuals that larger pieces of furniture have.
  5. Variety of positioning. The positioning applies mostly to furniture. The goal is to expose the parts of the cow hide leather equally so that there will not be a variation of wear and tear on the different parts of your item. For a few months, you can choose to place the right side on display, then turn it over and expose the left side with the same amount of time. This way, there will be a consistent and uniform look to the whole surface of your cowhide leather.
  6. No-no’s. Waxes, oils and baby wipes are lethal objects though many people like to use them. Leather protectors are still the best way to go. The leather protector is tailored to suit the operations and the make of cow hide leather and serves to give an outer layer that will keep it from being instantly hit or stained.


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