How To Care for Linen Pants

Linen fabrics are expensive and very highly valued for their characteristic freshness and coolness when worn during hot weather. Linen clothes are usually fashioned for casual wear. During hot summer days, linen pants are very appropriate as the fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture readily to keep you cool throughout the day.  They do require more care though, compared to other fabrics made from natural fibers due to its tendency to wrinkle very easily.  The fibers are stiff and when they are bent, they stay bent therefore wrinkles develop and the more the wearer perspires, the more the wrinkles appear.  Below are some ways to care for linen pants to keep it looking good longer.


  • Linen pants can be machine washed using warm water and a gentle cycle, dry cleaned or hand washed which is the preferred method. After several hand or machine washings the fibers will be become soft and therefore less prone to wrinkles. Dry cleaning will help keep you pair of pants looking new and crisp.  Read and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.
  • Linen fibers are strong but to be safe, use mild commercial laundry detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. Avoid using bleach though so as not to weaken the fibers.
  • Test the linen fabric for colorfastness as colors may run and damage the rest of your wash.
  • For hand washing, use warm water and mild laundry detergent. Wash the linen pants as you would other fabrics and squeezing to minimize the wrinkles. Rinse until the water is clear and free from soap bubbles.
  • Pre-treat stains by wetting a piece of clean white cloth with cold water and rubbing it over the stain to prevent it from setting in. Some stains can be removed by soaking the fabric in laundry detergent overnight. You can also rub the stain away with white vinegar (only for whites and undyed fabrics). Alternatively you can sprinkle talcum powder over the stain, lay the pants flat and leave overnight.


  • Do not twist and wring your linen pants after rinsing. Let it drip dry. Colored linen pants should be dried away from the sun while whites and untreated linen pants can be dried under the sun. Another way to dry your linen pants is to lay it flat over towels.
  • Use a high setting when you want to iron your linen pants. Do this while the garment is still damp to avoid burning the fabric as linen dries very fast. Iron the inside first particularly those areas that are wrinkled. Linen tends to shine when ironed so it you want to iron the outside of your linen pants, use a press cloth and a lower temperature to avoid this. Do not dry the linen using your hot iron. Once you have smoothed out the wrinkles, hang the linen pants to air dry completely.
  • Take great care when ironing your linen pants. Wrinkles and creases added during ironing will be very difficult to remove and you may need to re-wash your linen pants again.
  • Do not fold your linen pants over a pants hanger. Use those hangers with clips to allow the whole garment to hang freely.

If you love to wear linen pants during hot weather, make it a habit to pull your pants up from the knees when you sit down. This will maintain a bit of stiffness on the fabric between your waist and knees and will prevent the fabric from wrinkling too much around the crotch area and behind the knees.


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