How To Care for Your Stainless Steel Appliances

These are "stainless" so why do these appliances need caring? Although stainless steel appliances are more resistant to corrosion, they still need caring. If you don't do your job, the stainless steel that covers your appliances will soon be removed and they will not be stainless steel anymore.

Regular Cleaning

Dirt, dust, grimes, and any foreign materials on the stainless steel are slowly damaging the appliances. Caring for your appliances starts from cleaning it regularly.

  • Prepare the cleaning solution.Warm water is enough for wiping the stainless steel appliance. But if the thing has some spots or stains, better add some dishwashing soap or any mild soap to the warm water.
  • Soak the clean cloth to the cleaning solution. Use cotton cloth as much as possible. Avoid using abrasive materials for wiping the stainless steel. After soaking the cloth, wring it to remove excess liquid.
  • Wipe the appliance. Start wiping the stainless steel appliance from top to bottom, using only one direction
  • Rinse the stainless steel. Wash the cotton cloth you used for wiping the appliance until there is no soap residue anymore. Use this same cloth to remove soap residues on the appliance. As an alternative, you can use a new cotton cloth. Damp it with clean and cool water. Wring off excess liquid and start wiping the appliance. When wiping, use one direction only, preferably the same direction you used during the first wiping.

More Cleaning Tips

Besides the usual regular cleaning, below are some more cleaning tips you can use to take good care of your stainless steel appliances:

  • Use special stainless steel cleaning product. With the popularity of stainless steel appliances is also the popularity of special cleaning products for them. Invest on this because most of them can minimize the scratches, remove the stains, and polish the steel surface.
  • Vinegar and warm water can be used for cleaning and polishing the stainless steel. The vinegar can also be combined with some olive oil if you want to remove heavy stains on the appliance.
  • Glass cleaner works best to remove the fingerprint stains. Wipe the glass cleaner on the stained surface. Once the stain is gone, wipe the solution away with a clean and dry cloth.

As you do the cleaning more often, you will realize more ways, even better ways to clean your stainless steel appliances. For now, start by following the guide and tips above.

More Caring Tips

Besides cleaning, here are more things you need to do to take care of the stainless steel appliances:

  • Rinse off stains immediately. As soon as you notice stain, remove it immediately with a clean cloth damped in warm water. Do this especially if milk products, milk, salty foods, or acid cause the stain. These can cause dark spots on the surface when not removed immediately.
  • Never use abrasive. Abrasive scrubber or cleaner is a big no-no for stainless steel. Even chlorine and other strong cleaners are not advised for these appliances.

All these cleaning and caring tips are most probably stated in the appliances' manual. Better read those again so you will know the specific things you should do to take care of your appliances. Remember, stainless steel appliances are more expensive than their regular counterparts. But the extra expenses will surely be worth it if you can use the appliances for so long.


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