How To Change a Ballast in a Fluorescent Light

A fluorescent light is a type of lighting that is more efficient than an incandescent lamp. This type of lighting can be seen in houses, schools, libraries, etc. Although this type of lighting is more expensive than others, it comes out as more efficient because of the lower energy costs.

A fluorescent lamp works with a ballast. With the continued use of the fluorescent lighting, the ballast must be changed once in a while to make the lighting work. It is pretty easy to change the ballast of a fluorescent lighting lamp. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps provided below.

  1. Gather materials you will need. Gather all the materials that you will be needing for changing the ballast. You will need a screwdriver and a new ballast for your light. If you are changing the ballast of a fluorescent light that is located in a high area, you will also need a stable ladder.
  2. Preparation. Secure the ladder under the fluorescent light that you are going to change. If there is a lock on your ladder, make sure that it is tight to prevent accidents from happening. Remove the outer cover of the fluorescent light to expose the inside of the light.
  3. Remove the fluorescent light. The next step is to remove the fluorescent light. To do this, you will need to push the fluorescent to one side and gently pull the fluorescent light. Be careful when you apply pressure on the bulb as you may shatter it easily.
  4. Removing the old ballast. When you have already removed the fluorescent bulb, you will see a small silver casing at the middle. Remove this silver. Squeeze on both ends gently and remove the cover. Remove the wires that you see when you remove the cover. Make sure that you place a nut on the wires so that you will not be electrocuted while changing the ballast. Get your screwdriver and use it to remove the screws securing the old ballast.
  5. Changing the ballast. Now, get the new ballast and secure it where you removed the old ballast. Screw it in place and make sure that the screws are tight enough but not too tight. Put back the wires that you removed in place and put back the cover. Place the fluorescent bulb in place and cover it.
  6. Check the fluorescent light. The next step is to check if the fluorescent light works. If it does, you have changed the ballast successfully. If not, you may not have screwed the ballast in well. Just repeat the steps above until you get the ballast to work. If it still does not work, your fluorescent light bulb may be the problem. Get a new one and try it out.

These are the simple steps on how you can change the ballast of a fluorescent light. If you are working on a high ceiling, it will be best if you have someone with you to help you with the tools and securing the ladder.


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