How To Change a Digital Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are an integral part of many people’s lives, especially those who are busy with work or studies. If you are one of those who rely on this device to wake up early or just at the right time, you are likely to have a preference between analog and digital types. Digital alarm clocks are more precise, and these sometimes have additional features. These are not as simple to change as analog alarm clocks, though. It’s not as simple as twisting a knob. Here are a few tips on how to change a digital alarm clock.

  • Make sure that you know where to find the “Clock” button on your digital alarm clock. Press that one and hold it for a few seconds. This will give time for the digital alarm clock to know what you want it to do.
  • Press the “Hour” button which can normally be found at the front or upper side of the digital alarm clock. Depending on the model of your alarm clock, you can change the hour part by either pressing it one by one or just keep holding it until it reaches your desired hour.
  • Now, you should be able to know where the “Minute” button is since it is usually found beside the “Hour” button. Again, you should have an idea about how your digital alarm clock functions so that you can either just press or hold the button for a long time then stop when it has landed on the proper minute display.
  • Now that you already have the right time that you want on your digital alarm clock, the next step is to make sure that you set it on either AM or PM mode. Be careful with this step since you might miss important alarms if you inadvertently set the AM and PM setting incorrectly. Double check what you have chosen, and then, let go of the “Clock” button.
  • Since this is a digital alarm clock, you may use it to set an exact time when the alarm should go off. Just press and hold the “Alarm” button. Do the same steps like those you did to set the time; the steps are similar. Again, remember to double check the alarm time.
  • If your digital alarm clock has a “Sleep” or “Snooze” button, you can press this button to extend your sleep for a few more minutes. The sleep function usually pauses the alarm for about five minutes, after which it shall sound off again. This gives you an opportunity to doze off a bit, in case you’re still too sleepy to get up. Some digital alarm clocks have an automatic sleep function, in which the alarm pauses a few minutes after not being turned off or set to “snooze” or “sleep.”

Whether for sleeping or just to remind you of the time, a digital alarm clock will always be important in your daily life. Being on time and on schedule is a good way to start your day. A digital alarm clock can get you this level of organization and time management.


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