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Periodic changing of locks is important nowadays to ensure added security in our homes. This is especially true if you and your family are not the first residents of the property. Installing new door locks is not terribly difficult and a professional locksmith's services can be very costly. This is where having the know-how to change a door key lock cylinder can be very useful. Here's how:

  1. Know what brand of lock is used in your home. Kits for re-keying can be easily obtained from hardware or home stores in your area, but the kits are specific to particular brands. Most kits will have six re-keying sets. You'll have to buy more pins if you need to re-key more.
  2. Remove the doorknob. Do this by using your old door key. Insert the key and turn until the door gets unlocked. Pull out the doorknob and the casing of the lock cylinder. Remove the thin retainer ring by using the retainer ring tool that is included in the re-keying set. Keep the ring as this needs to be replaced later.
  3. Take out the cylinder plug. This is a slightly difficult step so utmost care must be taken. The cylinder has pins on top of it that are kept in place by springs that provide pressure. With the use of the plug follower that comes in with the re-keying set, undo the plug by pushing the plug follower through the cylinder. Bear in mind that you should apply constant pressure on the plug and the follower so that the pins and springs will not pop out. If they do however, be certain to pick all these scattered pieces up and reinsert them by following the instructions supplied in the manual.
  4. Put in the new pins. Set aside the old pins and replace the new ones.
  5. Reverse the steps to install. Once the new pins are properly in place, insert the new key. Meanwhile, use pliers or tweezers to carefully match the new pins to the new pattern or color code based on the instruction sheet.

You can now do door lock repair and replacement for any of the door locks in your house. Re-keying door locks is probably one of the easier and less expensive ways of securing our homes. With just a minimal budget, the right parts, and the necessary skills, changing locks can be done in minutes.


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