How To Change a Fire Sprinkler Head

Fire sprinklers are important things to have in homes and business structures. With time, the fire sprinkler heads can decrease in functionality, and this can lessen the efficiency of the entire sprinkler system. In other cases, the sprinkler heads are outdated and need to be replaced with new ones that will make them function better. In some business environments, changing the sprinkler head of a sprinkler must be done by a fire safety professional. If you have a fire sprinkler head in your house that needs changing, you can do it on your own. You will just need a few materials to perform the job.

Here are the simple steps in replacing the fire sprinkler head of your sprinkler:

Check the sprinkler that you have. You will need new sprinkler heads that will match the sprinkler that you have. When you purchase a new sprinkler head, you have to ensure that the one you get is the same with the color of the cylinder that you have. If you do not have an idea what type of sprinkler you have, take not of the color of the cylinder and the model of the sprinkler. Ask for assistance when you go to the hardware store.

Preparation. Turn off the water supply in before you attempt to change the fire sprinkler head. You may also need to prepare a ladder if your fire sprinkler head is too high for you to reach. Make sure that the ladder can support your weight. Lock it in place to prevent accidents from happening while you are replacing the sprinkler head.

Detach the old sprinkler head. The next step is to remove the old sprinkler head from the sprinkler system. First, remove the cover by gently popping out the cap that covers the sprinkler head. Use a screwdriver to remove the sprinkler head. In some sprinkler models, you may need a wrench to do this.

Attach the new sprinkler head. Once you have removed the old sprinkler head, you can attach the new one. Screw in the new sprinkler head in place. Make sure that you secure it tightly and correctly so that the sprinkler can work properly. Put the cap of the sprinkler back on after installing the new sprinkler head. After you do this, do not forget to turn the water supply in your building back on.

These are the simple steps on how you can change the sprinkler head of your sprinkler. If you have a sprinkler that you changed in your house, it is advisable to have it inspected by your local fire inspection safety officer so that it can be tested and certified. This in an important step for you to take to ensure that your home is safe if ever there are fires that will start.

If you have a lot of fire sprinkler heads to replace for an office building, it is better if you just call the people concerned and have them replace the system for you.


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