How To Change a Fluorescent Light Fixture

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One of the ways you can make your home feel like a new house is by changing some of the elements within a room. One thing you can do is to change your fluorescent light fixture for a new vibe that can create a different look for your room. Most people will call a carpenter or a repairman in order to change a light fixture. This will only add to your expenses. You can learn how to change a fluorescent light fixture by yourself. You do not need to hire someone else. The steps are quite easy to follow.

Here are the simple steps on how you can change a fluorescent light fixture in your home:

Gather the materials that you need. These are screwdrivers, a circuit tester, pliers and some wires, tape measure, drill, safety goggles, a pencil and some screws. The screws may come with the new fluorescent light fixture that you want to install but be sure to have some in case you need extra screws.

Detach the old fluorescent light. Turn off the power supply by turning it off on the circuit breaker. This will prevent you from being electrocuted when you are changing the light fixture. Remove the parts of the old fluorescent light one by one. Start with the outer cover, remove the light bulbs and the cover of the ballast. Before removing any wires, remember how they are connected to the light. It will be helpful if you have a digital camera so that you can just take a picture of the wires for reference. Afterwards, you can remove the wires and the main light fixture.

Install the new light fixture. You can install the new fluorescent light. Use the tape measure and the pencil if you are securing the light at a different point from where you removed the old fluorescent lighting. You may need to drill some holes on the new light fixture before you attach it to the ceiling. Now you can attach the main base of the new light fixture to the ceiling. After this, connect the wires. Turn to your reference picture to make the right connections. Place the light bulbs and any fluorescent covers that came with the new fixture. Now, you can turn on the power on the circuit breaker box to test if the new fixture works.

These are the simple instructions on how you can change a fluorescent light fixture in your home. This is also how you will change other light fixtures that you may have in your house. Once you get used to changing light fixtures, you will find it easier to do. You will not ever need to get help from someone else in doing simple jobs like this. Remember to always be safe when changing lights. Wear safety gear and use a secure ladder.


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