How To Change a Rocker Light Switch

Using a rocker light switch for your lights is more convenient as they are easier to operate. It is also better to use this type of switch as you can change it if you want to change the theme of your home. This is easy to be done. You can choose from different rocker light switches from the website There are circular rocker light switches and rectangular rocker light switches. The choice is yours.

If you are planning to change the rocker light switches in your home, you can do so by following the simple instructions below.

Materials you will need. The materials that you will need are the new rocker light switch, screwdriver, pliers, and electrical tape. You can purchase these from the hardware store. Before you start working on the light switch, make sure that the power source is off to avoid getting electrocuted. There are different sizes of rocker light switches that you can choose from. If you want less work when you change your light switch, choose a new rocker light switch that has a similar shape and size as the one that you have installed.

Remove the old rocker light switch. Remove the old rocker light switch by removing the plate of the switch first. In some models, you can just pop off the cover but in some, you will have to screw it off from the base of the switch. When you have the insides of the light switch exposed, you will see some wires. Use your pliers to detach the wires from the light switch. Be careful in handling the wires.

Install the new rocker light switch. Get your new light switch and install it on the wall. You must connect the new light switch with the ground wire. Use your pliers and bend the wire to make a small hook with the wire. Attach the hooked wire on one screw that is attached to the new rocker light switch. Afterwards, get some electrical tape and cover the wires. Put the light switch back inside the panel and cover it with the plate that came with the new rocker light switch. Test to see if your installation is correct by turning on the light switch.

These are the steps on how you can change a rocker light switch on your own. You do not have to call an electrician to do the job for you. If you follow these steps, you will be able to easily change the rocker light switches in your house. Keep the old rocker light switches that you have so that you can be able to reuse them when you want to change the appearance of your light switches.

Remember to always be careful when you are working with the wires while fixing your light switch. Tampering with them while the power is on can cause a short and can ruin the flow of electricity in your entire house. Getting electrocuted is also dangerous and can cause death.


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