How To Change Oven Ignitors

The oven ignitors are used to ignite the gas from the burners in the oven. When you switch on your oven it starts to heat up then glow. When the gas starts flowing into the oven it will be ignited and produce the heat that makes it possible for you to bake and broil your meals. After a while it may malfunction and you need to replace it.

  1. Unplug the oven. Before you do any changes or repairs on the oven make sure to unplug the unit from the wall electrical outlet. Sometimes when you unplug the electrical cord from the outlet there are still some electrical charges in the unit, so to avoid electric shocks you can have the oven sit for a couple of hours before you start doing repairs. Take an AC tester and check if there are still some electrical charges on the oven. If you determine it is safe to work on it then you can check the gas connection. Make sure you have turned off the gas and detached it from the connector.
  2. Locate the ignitors. Some ovens are easy to work with but some may make it harder for you to locate and access the oven ignitors. If your oven came with a diagram, you can refer to it. If not then locate it first inside the oven, look for a panel at the further end. You have to take off all the racks in the oven to gain access to the panel. Once you've located the panel's cover, unscrew the cover with the right type of screwdriver if it is held in place by screws. If the panel isn't inside the oven then it may be found behind the oven. You may have to pull out the whole oven from its position to get to the back panel. Once you've gained access to the ignitors, pay close attention to how it is attached. There are different types of ignitors; they may be round or square. The best way to get the right replacement is to take off the ignitors and bring them with you when you purchase a replacement kit.
  3. Take out the old ignitor. Look at how the ignitors are wired and use the proper tool to take off the wiring. Most are screwed in place which makes the screwdriver the right tool to use or a nut that makes the nut driver a proper choice. First take off the wires attached to the ignitors then remove it from its fixed position.
  4. Install new oven ignitors. If you have the replacement bake and broil ignitors ready you can begin installing them. Remembering how the old ignitor was mounted, place the ignitors in position then hold it in place with the screws. Connect the wires using the ceramic wire nuts and then make sure all connections and attachments are secure. Put the cover plates back on then put the oven back in its original position. Plug the oven in the electrical outlet and connect the gas. Turn the oven on and observe. If the oven heats up then your efforts were successful.


Oven ignitors are easily replaceable and they come in kits so make sure to find the right replacement for your oven before purchasing one.


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