How To Child Proof Your Television

As a parent, the safety of your children comes as top priority. You try to give the best protection you can in order to fulfill your obligation as a responsible parent. You are the one who deals with potential hazards that might occur unexpectedly. Child proofing is one task that prevents these dangers from happening. It can be done in your house in a generalized way, however, being particular can also be an added relief. For most children, they can't help but roam around and explore things that are new to them. They are usually attracted to colorful things and enjoy pressing buttons a lot. Your home appliances could be the main target of your child. Perhaps, one of these things is your television. Child proofing your television can at least give you an assurance of protection, especially from electrical wiring and the like. If you don't know how to child proof your television, you may refer to the following guide.

  1. Secure your television set by using metal brackets to screw the furniture to  the wall. This will prevent the television and the furniture from tipping over in case your child attempts to climb. You can also mount your television high up on a wall and have it tilted in such a way that the viewing angle is still comfortable as if you were sitting in front of a movie theatre. Using safety straps to anchor your television to the stand or to the table top can also be an alternative.
  2. Add protective doors for your television stand to cover it when not in use. It is good to have a television stand with enclosed cabinet where you can store and stow power cords that are reachable to your kids.
  3. Purchase an outlet cover to shield the electrical outlet for your television. Use safety covers that go over plugs and unused outlet. Do not allow electrical cords to stream behind rugs because it might overheat. Electrical cords should not be left lying loose, rather, use cord shorteners to secure them to the wall.
  4. Put protective cushions on the corners of your television stand. You may choose a stand with rubber corners to minimize child proof costs.
  5. Keep remote controls away from your children. Aside from pressing buttons that would cause it to get damage, your child might discover potential hazards such as batteries. He might put them in his mouth and eventually cause harmful effects to him.
  6. Limit your child's access to the television. If he is fond of watching television at an early age, make sure that he is not too near the screen to prevent eye damage. You may want to install fence-like gates to establish the limits especially when you mounted your television near to fireplaces.

Safety is just one of the important things that a parent is obliged to do for his child. Feeding your children with the right kind of food, providing a good home, and showing love and care should also be present to successfully meet the requirements that would promote the wellness of your child's welfare.


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