How To Choose a Circuit Breaker

If you talk to an electrician, they will normally tell you that circuit breaker brands don’t really matter. From experience, they know this because a $50 circuit breaker technically works in the same manner as a $100 circuit breaker. However, we also know from experience that a cheaper circuit breaker from a questionable company may have a shorter shelf life than a slightly more expensive one from a known company. Since circuit breakers control the electricity in your home or business, and protect your appliances from a sudden electrical surge, they can save you more than the difference between a questionable breaker and a known breaker. A known brand doesn’t mean dependable, though. There are some brands that have been documented to be expensive and faulty. Here is a list that will help you find dependable circuit breaker brands and circuit breaker suppliers.

  • General Electric has been around since incandescent lights were made. In fact, they created them! Thomas Edison’s company makes General Electric breakers that cost normally around $99 to $150, depending on size and wattage. Most electricians use GE breakers due to their ability to withstand the tests of time and weather. If you want a good, decent, circuit breaker, then try out General Electric breakers.
  • Siemens, Europe’s largest conglomerate, employs almost 400,000 people. Although known for their mobile phones, they started out in the electrical business. They have a large array of circuit breakers for both your home and your business. They offer 600 to 4000A models and live tank or dead tank breakers, depending on your choice. You can browse their website for their different types and kinds of circuit breakers.
  • Cutler-Hammer has almost 50 different types of circuit breakers ranging from one pole to four poles, to as much as 150 amps, and up to 277 volts. They also have all of the types of standard circuit breakers so that you can just ask a hardware technician or online as to what brand of Cutler-Hammer circuit breaker is good for you.

There are other brands to choose from, like Zinsco breakers and Airpax breakers and they all have the same industry standard quality as the other three brands listed here. The main difference is the pricing. All have warranties ranging from 6 months to at most 2 years, and all of them are industry tested to ensure safety and efficiency when an accident or a natural occurrence, like a lightning storm, happens in your home. However, be careful of what store you buy your breakers from, as there are some stores that capitalize on the inability of people to differentiate used breakers from brand new ones.

Used breakers can be dangerous as there is no telling when they will break down. This is dangerous especially in an area frequented by storms. Be careful as to where you buy your breakers and be sure to check if it is sealed properly. Be sure to check with a licensed electrician on how to remove, replace, and restore your broken circuit breakers. This will ensure that there are no problems in the removal and re-installation.


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