How To Choose a Color Scheme for French Country Home Décor

French country décor is usually inspired by rustic French countryside homes. These are particularly inspired by towns in the southeast, such as Provence. A French country home décor employs many color combinations, which you can apply in your home. You can also incorporate several color schemes in the various rooms of your home, to channel this rustic French countryside look.

Red, blue and white—the colors of a French flat—are often the main colors used in this color scheme. You can also blend in greens and soft blues, which will result in a Mediterranean seaside look. You can also warm red with yellow for a classy French countryside color scheme.

  • Use red, white and blue in your color scheme. However, using these in bright and vivid shades might be too strong. Instead, opt for a muted look. Use just one color as your brighter highlight, and use the other as softer undertone.
  • For example, if you prefer blue to be your dominant color, use shades of red that are closer to blue in the color wheel. You can also apply pink, salmon or other more subtle shades and mixtures of red.
  • On the other hand, if you want to use mahogany or deep red as your primary color, you can use pale or grayish blue as your background color. You can also use white or grey with a blue tint.
  • Accessorize the main color scheme with an earthen or terra cotta flooring. You can also compliment the look with the use of wrought iron and dark wooden furniture pieces. Since these wooden and iron furniture have hard lines, you can mute these down using throw pillows in various hues and materials.
  • You can also decorate using blue and green. Try mixing and matching different hues. For example, pale blue can be partnered with dark green. You can also use a light, sea-foam tint of green with navy blue.
  • Use curtains and porcelain accessories as accent pieces. These should be in white. You can also use other forms of fabric accessories. Porcelain accessories can include vases, figurines and the like.
  • You can also include yellow or orange shades, which can help make the blue and green color warmer. Consider it you would view a Mediterranean beach. You have the blue and green skies and water, and you have the yellow and orange sun. It’s like a scene from the Mediterranean.

Aside from the color scheme, your accessories can also help make your home look like it were part of the French countryside. Go for handmade rugs. You can also include wood furniture that looks worn and used.

A French country home décor will make your house look more inviting and lived-in at the same time. Start with your color scheme, which should have dominant blue, red or green. Accentuate these by signature pieces in dark wood or wrought iron. You can also add white porcelain vases and figurines. You now hat that home inspired by French country home décor.


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