How To Choose a Garage Heater

The choice of a garage heater is very critical in that, it can save us not only in terms of energy, efficiency and more good times in the garage, but also the stress involved in case we buy an ill-suited one. To avoid this post-purchase dissonance and strain, here are some critical aspects to consider, while choosing a garage heater.

Step 1

Know your needs and the needs of your garage.

What is the space to be heated? Make an assessment of the garage space you need to keep warm and then see that the heater has the capacity to do it. If only a small workstation and nearby areas need to be heated, then the heater choice would be different from heating needed for a whole room.

What is the architecture of your garage? - does it have insulation, is it ergonomically built to conserve heat? These considerations would affect the strength needed to heat your garage

What is the heating requirement? Are there appliances or plants which need controlled temperature even when you are not there, how often do you intend to spend time in the garage etc? Calculate the BTU of your garage by multiplying the volume of your garage (square footage multiplied by height) by 4 if it is poorly insulated, by 3 if average insulation and by 2 if insulation is good. That is the approximate heater rating you need to look for.

Step 2

Research the heater.

  • Ensure that the heater is energy efficient and does not cause harm to the environment
  • Ensure it meets all national and international standards on safety, quality etc
  • Check what energy it uses and which you would find most suited
  • Check on the features offered and how it fits your needs e.g. a thermostat is an essential for electric heaters for ensuring efficiency
  • Ensure that essential safety features exist like, e.g. properly covered heating element, an automatic temperature regulator, oxygen-depletion-sensing shutoff system for a vent less heater etc. The increased comfort of a warm garage should not detract from ensuring safety
  • Ensure it comes with a warranty and after sales service guarantee.
  • Confirm that the post sales service is readily and locally available
  • Research online for any reviews, comments from customers or previous users
  • Compare the price with other similarly placed heaters and from other dealers
  • Check on the operating costs and how it compares between choices
  • Ensure that you get a geyser of the right size - the size of your room is efficiently covered by the heater and that there is a proper location for it. Some heaters can be wall mounted while some others not

Step 3

Know the environment and safety rules.

  • Practise safety in the heater regulated environment
  • Always go by the manual while operating it and seek help from the service personnel when you need clarity
  • Ensure that no inflammable material is near the heater
  • Do not store objects next to the heater
  • Ensure that children and pets are not near the heater any time

Working within these parameters will help you in the decision regarding a garage heater and ensure that your garage becomes a warm and safe haven in your house.


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