How To Choose a High Efficiency Electric Heater

An electric heater is an appliance that is used to produce heat with the help of electrical energy. There are a lot of different electric heaters that are used for different purposes. There are water heaters, oil heaters, gas heaters and more. In order to get the best electric heater, you must be able to choose one that is labeled as high efficiency. There are other elements to consider when looking for an electric heater that is highly efficient.

Here are some tips on how to look for a high efficiency electric heater:

  1. Electric Water Heater - It is a device that is used in heating water. An electric water heater that has good insulation is considered as having high efficiency. When you use a water heater that has good insulation, you may cut down a few dollars for your overall costs in electricity. You can also consider buying water heaters that are tankless to be able to be more efficient.
  2. Electric Space Heater - A space heater is a device that is used in order to keep the air around an area comfortable, especially during cold weather. For an electric space heater, you can choose the smaller size or the portable heater. This is because big space heaters and small space heaters more or less use up the same amount of electricity. You can choose a small heater that produces lots of heat even if it is small, which makes it more efficient. The downside to this is the safety issues. A smaller space heater can produce heat at a concentrated spot. This can be a cause of starting fire.
  3. Fan Heater - A fan heater is a device that is used with a fan. The fan goes through a heater and the air is then heated and warms up the area. In order to get the most efficient fan heater, choose one that has parts, such as a dial or a knob for controlling the heat level. This way, you can control the heat being produced by the fan heater when the area is not that cold. For safety, it is advisable that you purchase a fan heater that comes with a sensor. The sensor measures the amount of heat in the fan and stops the fan heater from working when it reaches a certain temperature. The fan heater will turn on again when it is cool enough.
  4. Oil Heater - Oil heaters are devices that are used in domestic areas. They are safer to use than gas heaters as there is no danger of inhaling toxic fumes. An oil heater that is efficient is one that can heat a room quickly but also does not use as much power. Oil heaters are a safer option in heating homes. There are different safety features that you must look for in an oil heater. One of them is the tilt sensor. The tilt sensor stops the oil heater from working when it falls or when it is moved.

These are some of the points to consider when you are looking for a high efficiency electric heater. You should always also look for safety features of an electric heater to be sure that it is safe to use inside the house.


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