How To Choose a Paint Color for Bathroom Cabinets

The right paint color for your bathroom cabinets can make a lot of difference. It can let your cabinets blend with the overall color scheme of your bathroom or it can make them pop out. Here are some tips for you:

  • Don't ignore your bathroom cabinets. You have to see them as accents pieces. If end tables can make your living room look more homey and exquisite, they can let your bathroom become more organized and well-thought out. If you choose to overrun them with colors, your bathroom is bound to look too busy. You may literally get distracted when you see them while you are in your tub, enjoying a soothing soak. On the other hand, if you opt to be safe, they can turn out to be either too dull or too drab. You may end up feeling dreadful every time you are inside your bathroom.
  • Think of possible color schemes. Experts suggest two basic options. You can paint your bathroom walls with darker colors and your cabinets, with lighter tones. Of course, your other choice simply reverses the color assignments.
  • Learn and apply some visual tricks. If your bathroom is quite small, your goal is let it look a bit larger. You should keep "everything" in the family. For example, if your bathroom walls have been covered by a darker shade of green, give your bathroom cabinets a dash of lighter green. Meanwhile, if your bathroom is enormous, darker or bolder colors can make it more interesting or eye-catching. Just see to it that your bathroom cabinets remain to be on the cool side. For instance, if the color of your bathroom walls has a warmer tone, say medium brown, you can complement it with a cooler tone, like medium blue. Bear in mind that it is not really a bad idea to color your bathroom with dark colors. Just make an effort to keep it well lighted.

If you toy the idea of having papered bathroom walls, consider how you can factor in the background and the print detail. Let us say you opted for a wallpaper with a lighter background and a darker print detail. Then, you should favor darker tones for your bathroom cabinets if you like to see them popping out of the bathroom walls. Or, if your wallpaper is cream-colored, with roses and vines crawling across, you may wish to balance out your bathroom cabinets with the pink/red tones of the roses or with the green tones of the vines or both.

If you can't make up your mind yet, you can gather some pegs. Scour some of the latest issues of your local home décor magazine. Check out possible "models" from there. Get inspiration from the various design options. You may directly copy the "idea" or you may customize it according to your personal preference and sense of style. You may also surf the net. There are a number of websites dedicated in helping you source color concepts and schemes. You may pick up some practical or useful pointers.


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