How To Choose a Propane Fireplace

As opposed to a wooden fireplace, a propane fireplace is a lot easier to start and way easier to clean. Despite not being as classic and traditional, a lot of people have moved on and started using a propane fireplace instead of the usual wood powered fireplaces because of the inherent convenience of just using readily available fuel that comes in a bottle instead of having to use chopped up wood that you would have to cut in the yard.

Not all propane fireplaces are created equal however. Due to the boom in modern fireplaces, a lot of products have since emerged and this makes choosing the right propane fireplace very difficult. Here are a few pointers to help you get the very best one:

  1. Ask your family and friends regarding the type of propane fireplace that they use. With everyone trying to be more practical, it’s very likely that a lot of people in your family and circle of friends are already using a fireplace that uses liquid fuel. Ask them about the models and brands that they’re using and the feedback that they’re getting from their purchased item.
  2. Go to a showroom and ask one of the clerks to show you the different types of propane fireplaces that they have around. With any luck, the clerk will show you the best models from the most top of the line and expensive, to the most cost effective to the ones that are really meant for those who are really trying to get a cheap kind of propane fireplace.
  3. Ask about the efficiency of the fireplace. Its design would greatly affect how much fuel it needs to reach a certain temperature and for how much the fireplace can sustain the propane as it burns. This is a very important thing to look into since you would want to have a more efficient fireplace. The more efficient your propane fireplace is, the better it is for you since you would be spending for less propane to power the fireplace. It would also be more environmentally responsible on your part to be less wasteful of non renewable resources such as propane.
  4. Consider the upkeep of the unit. Always ask the clerk how the fireplace is supposed to be cleaned and how often does it need to be checked out by a technician. If you can’t stick with the schedule or the ideal timeline of the product, you may be better off getting something that would be easier to maintain for you.
  5. Ask about the service warranty of the product. Since this item would be up for a lot of abuse considering the high temperatures involved, ask about the policy of the company for service warranties and even replacement in case of damage. This would also be a good reflection of how durable their products are. Most good companies would be willing to give extended coverage.

Getting the best propane fireplace isn’t too hard. It all boils down to doing all the necessary research and making sure that the machine is efficient.


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