How To Choose a Security Camera

There are many names given to surveillance cameras—CCTV camera and spy camera, to name a few. But whatever you call this security equipment, it still has one great purpose. That is, to record security video.

You must have already seen how useful a surveillance camera is. You have probably seen crimes solved on TV because of a security camera. There are many available options in securing your home or your office. You can even get this from a direct supplier. However, choosing a camera might be difficult if you don't know anything about the systems, software, and installation of a security camera. Fortunately, this article can explain how to select the best security camera.

  1. Learn the basics of security camera. Surveillance cameras are very different from your usual video camera. So instead of selecting one based on the common video camera features, you should base your selection depending on the important features like software that a security camera should have.
  2. Know the difference between security and video cameras. Surveillance cameras are almost similar since they only have one goal. But they still have differences like their lens, required operating power, and housing. Base your comparison on these differences.
  3. Choose the right night vision camera. One of the most important features that a security camera should have is night vision. For that, you are given three choices: color cameras, WDR, and Infra Red. Color cameras are those that automatically switch to black and white during low light. Through that, the captured image can be improved and are usually sharp. WDR, on the other hand, can automatically balance the contrast on different parts of the video to improve the video quality. Meanwhile, the Infra Red can capture far images clearly. However, it requires light to do that. Its special function is not so useful at night.
  4. Consider the type of security camera. Some of the most popular security camera types are bullet camera, dome camera, box camera, and hidden camera. Bullet cameras are very popular because they are waterproof, vandal-proof, and can be used during the day or night. Use this if you intend to put the camera outside. The dome camera, on the other hand, is best for indoor applications because of its shape that can easily blend to the wall or ceiling. This may not be weather-proof but it is vandal-proof. A hidden camera can be found in different shapes and disguises. However, it usually comes without night vision. A box camera is best because of its easily changeable lens. Therefore, you can easily set the zoom to the object you want to be recorded like the door or the cash machine. Although this is mostly used indoors, this also has the ability to withstand the outdoor environment.
  5. Read reviews. When comparing anything, it is very important to read reviews. Even when choosing a security camera, you still have to read reviews to know the advantages and disadvantages of a certain camera model.

Now that you know how to choose a CCTV camera or a spy camera, you can protect your house or office through the most reliable security video. But if you want better protection, you can get more security equipment besides a security camera. For instance, you can add an auto siren or direct auto lock for the systems.


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