How To Choose a Type of Paint

So, you are planning to rejuvenate some of the rooms in your house.  Well, the most basic aspect that you should consider for this project is repainting.  Yes, the repainting of the walls of the room can create the new style, theme, and ambience you want.  Of course, this will all be dependent on the type of paint you use.  Not the color, but the actual type of paint you will use.  Here are some of them and what it can be used for.

  • Flat.  The most common type of paint is the flat paint.  This type can be painted on ceilings and walls.  It is highly recommended to use flat paints in rooms that are not commonly used by a lot of people.  For instance, dining areas and formal rooms could be great options for this type of paint.  The reason for this is because flat paint tends to be the best kind of paint if you want to hide the flaws and blemished on a particular surface.  However, there is a drawback since flat paint tends to attract dirt the most compared to other kinds of paints.  Furthermore, the dirt on it will never be easy to clean.
  • Satin.  On the other hand, satin paint is great for walls and doors in rooms that will be more inclined to be used often.  For instance, the living room, the den, or the children’s bedroom.  If it does get dirty, then you are pretty much safe since cleaning it will not be too much of a hassle due to its glossy attribute.
  • Eggshell.  If you are looking for a combination of the attributes of satin and flat paint, then going with eggshell paint is the right choice.  Eggshell paint allows you to conceal various imperfections on surfaces similar to flat paint.  It also allows you to have your walls, doors, and ceilings to be a little bit glossier thus; making it much easier to clean when dirty.
  • Semi gloss.  This type of paint is perfect for walls that will tend to endure more abuse than most.  It is considered to be impervious to dirt and staining.  In fact, if stains do appear, it can easily be cleaned with a clean and damp cloth.  And since it provides a glossy finish, you can be sure that the walls will exude a classy ambience and look.  The only problem with this type of paint is that it will not conceal flaws and blemishes on a surface.  In fact, it will even make the imperfections more visible.  Hence, this paint should only be used if the surface is fine-tuned and perfectly level.
  • High gloss.  If you are looking for beauty with extreme resistance to stain and dirt, then going with high gloss paint is the move to make.  This type of paint is perfect for furniture, drawers, cabinets, closets, and other wood-based ornaments.  Unless you walls and doors are perfect in every way, do not use this type of paint on them.

These are the common paint types you will come across while shopping at your local paint store.  Decide which will suit a particular surface in order to apply the right type of paint.  Now that you know the intricacies of the types of paint, you should be able to paint your home to perfection.


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