How To Choose a Ziplock Bag

For something as ordinary as a re-sealable zipper storage bag (affectionately known as the ziplock bag), there seems to be an overwhelming smorgasbord of options. There are different manufacturers, and all claim to provide the best portable care for your food and other perishable items. Choosing one need not be so difficult and mind-boggling. If you just keep in your head the next few tips in picking out your ziplock bag, you’ll be able to choose the one that’s just right for you and your family’s needs.

1. Know your needs first. Before you go out and buy ziplock bags for your family picnic, try to examine your foods and other items. You will need a general idea of which items you will want to put in ziplock bags, and which ones will have to go inside Tupperware containers. Ask yourself where you plan to store these ziplock bags, and how long you plan on keeping your items there. These will be important things to remember later on.

2. Choose the right bag size. Your ziplock bag must be able to comfortably accommodate all of your storage needs. Bigger is not necessarily better in this case – you should only consider buying the more expensive, specialty-size ziplock bags if the standard size bags are insufficient for your needs. The measurements will be indicated on the bags’ packaging, so you will have an idea of its maximum storage capacity (try not to fill the bag to the brim, though). The right bag should be economical and have a comfortable leeway of space for your food.

3. Pick a bag that suits your special needs. All ziplock bags aren’t made equal. They are made differently from each other to suit a particular niche market. Before buying generic bags, make sure you won’t place them under stresses that they were not designed to handle. Doing so will only lead to them breaking, and you spoiling your food.

For example: if you plan to store your food in the freezer, it is best to choose ziplock bags specially made for that purpose. These will come made from a thicker plastic than ordinary ziplock bags, and will prevent your food from freezer burn. Buying ziplock bags made for this extreme of temperature is a must if you plan on storing your food for extended periods of time. Aside from this, make sure the seal is airtight. This will make sure that your food remains fresh and tasty, even while being kept in the freezer.

4. Choose one best for your budget. After figuring out which ziplock bags best suit your needs, it’s now time for you to choose which brand gives you the most bang for your buck. It is helpful to compare name brands and generic ziplock bags while doing this. Know how much you’re willing to spend per ziplock bag before committing to a purchase. If these are for everyday lunches, you can settle for  generic ziplock bags to store them for short periods of time. For longer periods of storage, it’s better to invest in more quality-made ziplock bags.

Remember that a ziplock bag should serve your needs for storage. As long as it suits your needs, you can go for the cheapest one available. Spending a lot on something you’ll discard afterwards isn’t the wisest choice to make.


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