How To Choose Between a Carpet Extractor or Steam Cleaner

Even if it is a simple cleaning task that you have right there, you still need to invest in it. This is not only to make your life easier but also to make the cleaning task as perfect as it needs to appear. In terms of the carpet for example, you need to decide whether you need to pick a carpet extractor or a carpet steam cleaner for this task. The answer is mainly dependent on how you will need them.

Though both these commercial carpet cleaners are recognized in their efficiency ratings towards making carpet clean, if you cannot have them both, you need to choose between the two. Definitely, one device is more than enough for your home, office, or auto carpet cleaning. As expected, decision making can be a very hard task, and to help you in coming up with a decision, here are some considerations you can think about first:

  • Carpet Size. If you have a large carpeted area subjected for cleaning, it is a much recommended approach to use a carpet cleaner extractor. On the other hand, steam cleaners are suited for small spaces but both of them can also be used the other way around.
  • Cleaning Power. A carpet steam cleaner is ideal and performs best in terms of sucking dirt and removing the stains in the carpet. However, though it can be a real effective stain remover, it cannot take off odors from various chemicals as well as dog or cat urine. Meanwhile, a carpet vacuum extractor specializes in removing tough deposits in the carpet. From its name itself, it extracts all the unwanted deposits present in the carpet just like how a blackhead extractor, screw extractor, and oil extractor work.
  • Efficiency. A steam cleaner can boast for its efficiency in terms of sucking up all dirt and stains in the carpet. However, if this process is done without extraction, chances are the dirt and other chemicals used for cleaning will still remain in the carpet. As compared to a carpet cleaner extractor, it efficiently extracts all what is left in the carpet.
  • Drying Power. Since both of these processes use water for the cleaning tasks, the drying time is another measurement in choosing between the two units. This is because if there are too many moisture in a long period of time, chances are molds and bad odor will form. As with the two cleaners, the vacuum extractor is better in terms of drying power especially the one with the heater. Since heated extractors use warm water, moisture can easily be removed. On the other hand, when you use a commercial steam cleaner, it can take as much as two weeks before the carpet can be dried of completely.
  • Disinfecting Capacity. Both the carpet extractor and steam cleaner are best in removing dust as well as other microscopic elements like mites and viruses. However, since the vacuum extractor uses a heater for its water, customer ratings say it is better in disinfecting the carpet during cleaning.

Definitely, choosing between carpet extractor and steam cleaner is up to your needs. So to be able to maximize the cleaning of your home, office, or auto carpet, make sure you pick the right one for your needs.


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