How To Choose Cleaning Supplies

The aisle of your local supermarket or home supply store is full of options to scrape, bleach, polish and sanitize just about every surface in your household. You don't have to be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. Instead, follow these steps to choose the cleaning supplies you need.

  1. Decide what you need. Your house needs cleaning but you need to narrow down your needs before you head to the store. Are you looking for something to scrub the toilet or sanitize your kitchen counters? Maybe your table needs polishing or the floors need scrubbing? Figure out what cleaners you need and what tools go with them.
  2. Know the available options. The biggest available options are cleaners for specific surfaces, those containing bleach and antibacterial agents. If you are environmentally conscious there may be options that are made of natural ingredients that are better for the planet and may appeal to you. 
  3. Check your manuals. Some surfaces such as natural woods or stones have specific care needs. Before you spray them with a cleaner containing bleach or scrub the floor with a steel wool brush, make sure you know it's safe. Read manuals or the labels on the cleaning supplies before you get started. Protect your surfaces from marring, staining and harsh chemicals by being prepared.
  4. Consider allergies and skin concerns. Pay attention if any of your family members have skin allergies or sensitivities. The cleaners you choose can cause a great deal of irritation for sensitive types if you aren't careful.
  5. Test smells. After narrowing down your choices during the steps above you might be unsure. Now you can consider pure preference. Choose a scent that appeals to you. Or test a few cleaners and let your family choose the one that they like best. You can always choose something new the next time you need a cleaner.
  6. Check for value. If the above steps didn't help you, then let cost be the driving force in your decision. Don't just look at the price tag. Instead look at the how much cleaning you will get for the price. By determining the value of each bottle you should be able to select the supplies that are the best value for your money.

Cleaning supplies vary from a simple soap and water to complex chemical concoctions. Don't be overwhelmed by the choices. Instead, follow these steps to choose cleaning supplies without letting the decision be the end of the world.


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