How To Choose Combination Appliances

Having a separate refrigerator, a separate microwave, a separate cold/hot water dispenser, and a separate coffeemaker will definitely take up too much room in your kitchen. So will having a separate laundry washer, a separate spin dryer, and a separate heat dryer. The foremost reason you would want to buy a combination appliance is to save on space. They are precisely called combination appliances because they merge or integrate at least two separate appliances into just one single appliance. In most cases, the combination appliance is multifunctional and uses only one power cord. Besides being space savers, many combination appliances are purported to be power savers, as well.

If you want an all-in-one refrigerator, freezer, and microwave, you would probably want to buy a MicroFridge, manufactured by Intirion Corporation. It includes Intirion’s SafePlug technology, which is believed to reduce the risk of fire caused by overloaded circuits. The microwave sits on top of the freezer; thus, the path that your frozen microwaveable food travels from freezer to microwave is shortened. You can choose between a single door and a two-door MicroFridge.

What about an all-in-one breakfast maker set? Sunpentown International’s 4-in-1 Breakfast Maker converges all four necessary breakfast appliances: 10-liter oven toaster, coffee maker that brews 6 cups and a non-stick frying pan that can be used as a steam tray. Such a time-saver and space-saver machine is perfect if you are always on the go. Just toast your bread while brewing coffee while frying your eggs or steaming your vegetables all at the same time using just one appliance.

For multi-function laundry appliances, look for a combination of a washer and a dryer. Thor Appliance Company manufactures several washer-dryer combos that don’t require you to transfer your freshly washed laundry to another compartment for drying. Just put all your dirty laundry into the single compartment, program the controls, and after a few minutes, come back to take out your clean laundry. That’s definitely convenient and space-saving because the machine stands at 3 feet and is only about 2 feet wide. The company also has washer-dryer combos that don’t require vents for drying.

For your multimedia needs, you have a lot of brands and manufacturers to choose from. Most multimedia electronic companies manufacture integrated home entertainment appliances. There are models that integrate a television (with stereo speakers) and a CD/DVD player. Though, you might want to go for a combination of LCD television with built-in DVD or Blu Ray player.
You might even consider computer televisions that merge the computer’s ability to store high definition movies to a hard drive, play them back, and show the display on the LCD screen with built-in stereo speakers and subwoofer system.

If you’re the type who uses your cell phone for more than just making calls or sending SMS messages, you might want a good combination of a personal digital assistant and cellular phone. A good example is the iPhone.

With more technological innovations created each day, you can expect more combination appliances to arrive very soon. Such appliances not only make you work faster and live conveniently but also help you save on costs and space.


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