How To Choose Garage Flooring

You must be very careful when choosing a material for a garage floor.  There are many options available.  The classic concrete, black top, tile, linoleum and floor mats are all viable depending on what you want from your garage.  The next question you have to ask is, “What do I really want from my garage?”

  1. If you only want a space to store your stuff, concrete is the simple, cheap and unquestionably effective answer.  Easy to clean and low maintenance, it will last years as long as it is properly poured the first time.  However, it isn’t always comfortable to kneel on or warm in the winter.
  2. The black top option is also easily cleaned, durable and simple.  It costs a little more and can be more difficult to have installed inside an existent garage, but it also doesn’t crack quite as easily and the color can be a personal choice.
  3. Then we get to linoleum sheet and tile.  These surfaces are not for car and truck use.  But they can turn a concrete garage into a clean easily swept shop space.  Great for woodworking, leatherworking and small engine maintenance.  The only downside is the ease that they tear under great weight.  Be sure that you won’t be pushing heavy equipment over these floors.
  4. The newest materials available are for serious shop and mechanic operators.  There are floor mats that cover as much or as little floor as you want.  Usually rubberized, these mats are great for people who will be laying on them under a car or truck.  They can be taken outside to be washed with almost any car or dish soap.  They make finding parts and tools easier since they don’t match the color of the screws and wrenches we always drop.  The one drawback is that they are customized to a space.  Once installed, they can only get smaller.  So we find movable tiles.  Also rubberized, these tiles offer the same advantages of mats with a few added benefits, but one major trade off.  They can be altered to fit any space, added to, taken away from and color coded according to your changing needs and moods.  However, they do have cracks between each tile where small parts and dirt can collect over time.

As you can see, there are many options, pros and cons to any material you choose for your garage floor.  In the final analysis, it all comes down to what you want in your own space.


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