How To Choose Halogen Light Fixtures for Outdoor Use

A halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp in which a tungsten thread is enclosed in a compact transparent case filled with an inert gas and a small amount of halogen, such as iodine or bromine.
Halogen light bulbs can be used in different types of outdoor lighting, such as tracks and recessed walls or floors. It is very efficient because of its energy saving quality, unlike other incandescent lamps. These bulbs produce more white light per watt and copy the color spectrum of the sun.
For a more decorative effect, low voltages of halogen bulbs (usually 12 or 24 voltage) are used to highlight specific items or details on any piece of work, furniture, etc.

Here are different kinds of halogen lights that are used for the outdoors:

  • Halogen line voltage lighting fixture. This product has a T-3 tungsten halogen bulb to illuminate landscapes, gardens, patios and any outdoor areas at home. Tennis courts, sports fields, auto parking lots and signs also use this kind of light so that they can be seen well in the dark. This fixture is fit for commercial and residential exterior security light systems.
  • Halogen floodlights. Halogen floodlights cast a brighter light and last twice as long as any standard bulbs. This gives convenience to those high and hard to reach outdoor fixtures when they need to be replaced. It is sold in different wattages for a wide variety of beam spreads. This is made out of die cast aluminum and has a toughened glass cover that is good for any weather. It comes with a durable weatherproof seal and a quick and easy connection.
  • Halogen PAR lights. Halogen PAR lights come in different sizes. Some of the sizes are 14, 16, 20, 38 and 38. These are small halogen lights that can be used in trophy cabinets and kitchen cabinets and track lighting for outdoor walkways. The bigger sizes of PAR lights are mostly used in display cases of shopping centers or in kiosks in malls. The sizes of halogen PAR lights can be anywhere from 1.75 inches to about 4.75 inches. PAR lights can be sold for $3.99 to about $21.10 per piece, depending on the brand.
  • Outdoor pendant lighting. This is usually used as an outdoor fixture at home to focus on a certain spot located on the porch or in the garden. It is usually constructed with materials like aluminum or chrome. The attractive design is a great choice for adding light and style to your exterior.

Buyers use halogen lamps because of their durability, efficiency and cost-friendly qualities. It is a great choice if you want to highlight a product, signboard, or any other fixture. There are different kinds of styles and colors but the standard is white light. Other available colors are red, green, blue and full spectrum. You can see these choices in any furniture or lighting shop. The halogen light will be a very good source of light and will work with any space that you wish.


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