How To Choose & Install a Heat Pump

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The heating and cooling of your household can usually cost too much. However, with the rise of more efficient kinds of technology, this is not the case these days anymore. Installing a heat pump for your home will save you at least 30 percent of savings from your energy expenses.

A heat pump basically works by getting heat from a known source and transferring it to a specified room in your home. On the other hand, it cools your home by transferring the heat inside a room somewhere else. With this kind of set up, it is by no means proper to say that a heat pump is a very good investment for your home. Hence, if you consider buying and installing one, check out these guidelines to help you all throughout the process:

Tips On Choosing The Right Heat Pump

  • Evaluate the kind of heat pump your home needs. There are two kinds of heat pumps in the market today. One is air source and the other is ground source. The first one can be easily installed and works just the same as an air conditioning unit. The main difference is that this can heat your home during the winter and cool it during the summer. However, it makes a lot of noise during its operation and frosts up during cold seasons. The latter, on the other hand, can be expensively installed as it requires excavating and digging. The good news about this is that it operates silently and does not frost up during the winter months. Check out which kind of heat pump will most likely answer your needs and meet your budget.
  • Be strict on the heat pump's efficiency. It is important that the pump you will purchase meets the standards. Hence, choose only one that has at least a 6.8 HSPF rating and 10.0 SEER rating.
  • Choose only products from a reliable manufacturer. Though the name may not always count for you, the brand name can speak well enough of a heat pump’s quality. Therefore, check out reviews of different manufacturers of heat pumps and see which one can be trusted enough.

Guidelines In Installing A Heat Pump

  • Determine the kind of heat pump to be installed. Take note that different types of heat pumps require different kinds of installation. For instance, an air source pump is far easier to install than the ground source.
  • Choose a good location for the heat pump. A usual heat pump is composed of two units, one of which must be installed outside of your home. Get a good spot that is around 10 inches away from your home. Select a good location for the other unit inside your house. Then, position each unit in your chosen location.
  • Connect both units. Follow instructions from the manual in terms of installing the parts of each unit. Then, connect both units and make sure that both are sealed in their proper places.
  • Contact professional installers. To ensure an efficient installation of any kind of heat pump, it is best to seek help from professional installers. They have good background knowledge of the process and will make everything easier for you.

A heat pump is definitely a great investment for your home. However, make sure that you are wise in terms of purchasing and installing one for your home use. Your decisions in these situations are your only guarantees for success in this kind of investment.


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