How To Choose the Best Coffee Maker

Coffee—It's what gets you up every morning, and gives you that drive to get to work. It's also what keeps you up at night for those long, arduous tasks like typing papers, articles, and reports. In fact, the black brew has become a consistent partner of college students, workers, and policemen for years.

In the old days, a cup of coffee was made with ground beans, hot water, and a French press. Of course, some things never change, and making coffee is one of them. However, with the advent of automated products, coffee makers began their ascent as one of the more important items in a household. These days, you will be hard-pressed to find a household without one. There is a lot of competition in the coffee maker industry and there are many variations of coffee makers from different companies. Use this information to help you decide how to select the best coffee maker brands around.

  • Bunn - Germany has a reputation for making solid, long-lasting products, and Bunn coffee makers can be counted as one of those. Touted as a Pour-o-matic coffee machine, their sleek, modern design from the sockets to the coffee pots makes it a good addition to any home. Modernizing the coffee maker world with their coffee filters back in the 1950s, they have done more than most other brands in the world for making the best cup of coffee, morning, afternoon, or night.
  • Capresso - While not a very well known brand, it's also one of the best. Capresso offers coffee grinders that come with their coffee makers to ensure that you get the freshest cup of coffee available to you. They even have a program function that makes coffee at a specific time so that you're not only awakened by your alarm clock, but also of the smell of wonderful coffee wafting through your kitchen. Their coffee makers do more than make a normal four cups of Joe; there is a froth and a cappuccino maker.
  • Bennoti - If you're looking for more than a cup of coffee, then Bennoti coffee makers are a good choice for you. These machines can make anything from the normal black cup of coffee, to a bitter espresso, and a frothy, creamy cappuccino. Their coffee makers, made from Italy, include a 20 bar pump, a special froth maker, and adjustable steam makers for the best cup of coffee you can possibly want.
  • Black and Decker - This is one of America's favorite coffee maker brands. A steward of the old-fashioned way, Black and Decker coffee makers offer three fundamentals of the American household: easy to operate, a value for your money, and automated. With its QuickTouch™ programming module, it is easy to operate. While its PerfectPour™ carafe makes sure that you get every drop for your cup. And it's programmable 12-cup variation allows you to brew coffee at the time you need it.

Research coffee makers carefully to help you select one that meets all of your coffee making needs.


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